Shank n’ Bake Review

I didn’t expect to like Shank n’ Bake, a game about murdering healthy foods, as much as I did. In fact, I don’t know that I like what that says about me. But, I think it says a lot a...

8.5 Great

Runner 3 Races Home a Winner

Choice Provisions Inc has spent the best part of a decade pushing players over the edge as they hop, step and jump to the music of the BIT.TRIP series. With the arrival of the final BIT.TRIP game on t...

8 Great

Sonic Runners Adventure Arrives for Smartphones & Tablets

Gameloft has announced the release of Sonic Runners Adventure that brings everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog to mobile devices. Gameloft worked in concert with SEGA to ensure that the game is fai...

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