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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Nintendo Switch Review – Mayhemic Fun

I had never bought into the Saints Row franchise. Going in, my impressions were based on past things I had heard. That being, that these games are full of guns and cars! My hesitance to play them in t...

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Saints Row: IV - Re-Elected

Saints Row: IV – Re-Elected Takes Office on Nintendo Switch

Deep Silver has confirmed that Saints Row: IV – Re-Elected is coming to the Nintendo Switch and bringing all of the oddball antics of the Saints with it this March. Due to perform a superhero la...

Racing Games

Cars and Video Games: What Are Some of the Best Racing Games You Should Play?

Playing a car game can be absolutely thrilling, especially when you know you’re in complete control of everything in the match. Simple vibration and visual cues can make you feel as though you’re behi...

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem: Saints Row’s Kinzie joins as Agent Safeword

If you can build it, she can hack it. Agent Safeword has little patience for stupidity and even less for LEGION. It doesn’t matter if you assemble an army of cybersecurity experts; the woman’s a walki...

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