Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown is Charging Into Steam on June 14

Samurai Shodown is Charging Into Steam on June 14

SNK has announced that weapon-based fighting Samurai Shodown is making its way to Steam on June 14th. Previously, the PC version of the game has been available exclusively through the Epic Games Store...

SAMURAI SHODOWN - Season Pass 3 Trailer

SAMURAI SHODOWN – Season Pass 3 Trailer

SNK announced Season Pass 3 for fighting Samurai Shodown and revealed two new characters arriving to join the roster in March.  Meet Cham Cham and Hibiki Takane! Samurai Shodown has enjoyed worldwide ...


Samurai Shodown PC Release Date Revealed

SNK Corporation has announced the PC release date for Samurai Shodown. The PC version of the game will be sold exclusively on the Epic Games Store and will be available around the world on June 11th. ...

Samurai Shodown Switch Banner

Samurai Shodown Switch Review

Let’s start by saying this reviewer is not the best at fighting games and hence is not a big “fan” of them. I tend to shy away from them unless compelled for some reason. Reasons lik...

8.5 Great
Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store showcases some of 2020’s exclusives

Epic Games Store has unveiled some of this year’s crop of exclusive titles. There are nine games on the list so far including Dread Nautical and Control: The Foundation. Most of the games on the...

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown launches on Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for some beat-em-up action with a retro vibe on a portable device, look no further than SNK’s Samurai Shodown. The developers are offering players a sweet 15% off Season ...

The Sinking City

New Games on Xbox One This Week – Sinking Cities and Samurai

Callooh Callay! What a wonderful day, and the only thing that could make it better is a list of New Games on Xbox One This Week! As this is the last week before July hits and summer is in full swing, ...


Samurai Shodown Review

When I was growing up, there were always two games I’d play in the arcade: Soul Edge and Samurai Shodown. I was good at both – really good. Every Saturday morning, my parents would take me to th...

8.5 Great
Samurai Shodown - Yashamaru Trailer

Samurai Shodown – Yashamaru Trailer

Samurai Shodown has received a new character reveal video dedicated to Yashamaru Kurama, a young man from a fallen warrior family who hates those who take from the weak. This dark and brooding warrior...

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