STEAM HIGH FIVE – Highly Interactive Art

Video games serve a lot of purposes in our lives; from good fun to immersive escapism, family night options to a powerful cathartic release. Through all of this, it’s sometimes easy to forget th...


Kenshi Review: Of Swords, Scavenging, and Strife

I know what you’re thinking. Society is overrated. You can’t stand it, but it inevitably insinuates its vile influences into your otherwise perfect life and you know it would be so much be...

6.1 Fair


Let’s face it, the majority of games center around mayhem in one form or another. Whether combatting, preventing, or enacting there are games of that specific ilk that allow and encourage it all...


Boundless Hits PS4 In September

PS4 Players rejoice! The long-awaited Boundless from developer Wonderstruck is finally coming to PlayStation 4 on September 11. Wonderstruck had announced that the game would make its way to PS4 but n...

terraria otherworld

Terraria: Otherworld Development Cancelled

Re-Logic development team took to the forums to share the sad news with the fans of popular sandbox game Terraria: the development of the sequel, Otherworld, has been terminated. We know that the canc...

Rune Ragnarok

Rune: Ragnarok – Game Modes, World Progression And More

Human Head Studios has updated the FAQ for the action RPG Rune: Ragnarok announced during summer.  Project Director Chris Rhinehart answered a plethora of questions such as game modes, world progressi...


Sandbox Adventure Ylands Is Now On Steam Early Access

Bohemia Interactive has sent out a word that its Sandbox Adventure game Ylands is now officially released on Steam Early Access. Players can dive into the poly-world and unleash their creativity to ex...


Rune: Ragnarok Is Not A Direct Sequel To The Original Rune

Human Head Studios have recently announced a sandbox, open-world RPG Rune: Ragnarok set during the end of times in Norse Mythology. While the reveal trailer of the game promised a lot, it did not reve...

Rune: Ragnarok

Rune: Ragnarok Trailer Reveals little, promises lots

Human Head Studios, the folks behind Prey, the cancelled Prey 2, Arkham Origins, and Dungeon Defenders, have a brand new ambitious Sandbox Open World RPG they’re making called Rune: Ragnarok. We...

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