Crossroads Inn - Sandbox Gameplay Video

Crossroads Inn – Sandbox Gameplay Video

Klabater and Kraken Unleashed have prepared a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming real-time medieval inn simulator game Crossroads Inn that is coming to PC and Xbox One in Fall 2019. The video is de...

eve echoes mobile

EVE Echoes Enters Mobile Alpha This Month

Eve, one of the largest and longest-running MMORPGs is about to cast players out into a brand new universe of adventure as their brand new mobile title enters alpha testing this month across selected ...

Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria makes its Steam debut

Citadel Studios has announced that its sandbox MMORPG, Legends of Aria, is now available on Steam. The world of Celador is a “modern take on sandbox gameplay” that is inspired by some of y...

fit for a king

Kitfox Announce Fit For A King, A Different Type Of Throne Simulator

Get Crowned or Die Tryin as Fit For a King brings a different type of Sandbox RPG to PC on 5 September. Kitfox Games, the outfit behind Boyfriend Dungeon, took a break from weapon wooing to announce a...

Citadel: Forged With Fire

Citadel: Forged with Fire headed to PC/PS4/XB1 this fall

Blue Isle Studios has announced that its magical open-world sandbox RPG, Citadel: Forged With Fire, is ready for launch this fall. While the PC version has been in early access for a couple of years, ...


Growtopia Branching Out Onto Nintendo Switch In July

After a reasonable success on a multitude of platforms, Growtopia is coming to Nintendo Switch and it should arrive on the mobile platform on 18 July. Growtopia is a rather inventive MMORPG. Acquired ...

Portal Knights Gets Major DLC Expansion and Free Update

Portal Knights Gets Major DLC Expansion and Free Update

505 Games and Keen Games are excited to announce two major updates coming to the sandbox action RPG Portal Knights! The updates have already arrived on Steam and Xbox, will be available on PS4 today a...

Terraria Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

Terraria Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

The developers from Re-Logic have taken to the official forum to announce that Terraria will be available for purchase from Nintendo eShop as the game is launching on Nintendo Switch on June 27th. Thi...

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