windbound update

Windbound Update Adding New Free Content

Windbound, the sandbox island survival that washed ashore during August 2020, has just received the first of three huge new content updates. Landing across PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4...

Last Oasis

Last Oasis Introduces The Volcanyon Map

Developer Donkey Crew rolled out another update for Survival MMO Last Oasis, introducing a new map Volcanyon. It incorporates bits and pieces from the Canyon and the latest Volcanic map, while also ha...

Pirate Commander - Announcement Trailer

Pirate Commander – Announcement Trailer

Publisher PlayWay and developer RockGame have announced Pirate Commander, an innovative simulator inviting players to plunder, loot, find treasures, fight enemies from different factions and terrifyin...


SamuTale Introduces a Limited Time Free Trial

Sandbox survival MMO SamuTale is turning four years old and developers are pulling out all the stops to offer players a limited-time free trial. From now through October 15th, anyone can try out the g...

amazon new world war preview

New World Shared Preview Event Stats

The developers from Amazon have shared some interesting statistics for the preview event running in MMORPG New World between August 25th and September 5th. Adventure Achievements in the preview week: ...

csc code giveaway

CSC Starter Pack Code Giveaway

Get set to jump into the final frontier as we kick off a weekend of giveaways with a CSC code competition. CSC is a free-to-play casual-friendly space MMO sandbox game that delivers fast-paced combat,...

Eve Echoes Review – A Sandbox That Fits In Your Pocket

If you had told me ten years ago that we would someday be playing a version of Eve Online on our phones I would have looked up from my game of Bejeweled and laughed at you. Well, it turns out I am a f...

8.5 Great
last oasis exoskeleton

Last Oasis Gets Woodpunk Powered Exoskeleton Armour

Donkey Crew is about to mech a bit of a racket as they come stomping into Gamescom 2020 and reveal a brand new Exoskeleton update to Last Oasis. Players who revelled in the idea of building massive wo...

Cloud Gardens - Experimental Sandbox Title by Noio

Cloud Gardens – Experimental Sandbox Title by Noio

The developers from Noio (Kingdom: New Lands) have announced a new experimental sandbox title. In Cloud Gardens, players can harness the power of nature to overgrow post-industrial wasteland to create...

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