sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves November update sets sail

The November update for Sea of Thieves has officially set sail for both PC and Xbox One. The Seabound Soul offers players a brand new Tall Tale to explore. Pirates will set off on a “quest to un...

sea of thieves

Sea Of Thieves Sets Sail For Fort Of The Dammed In Free Update

Halloween is upon us and that means all sorts of activities to get you your cowering in the dark. Sea of Thieves is no different and captains can raid the Fort Of The Dammed in October’s free up...

Sea of Thieves

Private servers sailing into Sea of Thieves

According to the latest Sea of Thieves developer update, players will finally be getting the ability to create private servers. The new feature will be coming in a mid-term update. According to execut...

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves video manager has a nasty run-in with a monkey

The Sea of Thieves team took to the airwaves yesterday to show off some of the new content coming into the game in the near future. This includes, among other things, the addition of pets that can fol...

Dark Relics content update sets sail in Sea of Thieves

Rare has announced that Sea of Thieves has been patched to bring the Dark Relics content update into the game.  Players will find a number of new features to explore. This is part of the new release c...

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves announces the Community Code of Conduct

In the latest Sea of Thieves developer update, Game Director Joe Neate introduces the Community Code of Conduct. As the name implies, this brings a number of standards to the game that players are ask...

Save yer doubloons for Sea of Thieves pets & emotes

Sea of Thieves players will want to start stacking up doubloons for new microtransactions coming to the game soon. Pirate-y sorts will be able to buy items including pets, emotes, and cosmetic items f...


OPINION: “The Roadmap” Problem

Conceptually and in theory, a roadmap is a good thing. They allow developers to chart objectives and upcoming content to existing games, and provide consumers with some level of transparency and excit...

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