Seven Knights

Seven Knights II

Seven Knights 2 Developer Q & A

With the recent release of Seven Knights 2 on PC and mobile platforms, we’ve been chasing after Rudy and building an epic team of heroes. While we were waiting on the latest release, and the end of th...

Seven Knights 2 Is Out Today - launch abnner

Seven Knights 2 Is Out Today

Seven Knights 2 is out on mobiles today, bringing a new adventure to Netmarbles well known fantasy franchise. Fans of the first Seven Knights mobile title and new players alike will be able to grab Se...

Seven Knights 2 Hands On Preview

Seven Knights 2 Hands On Preview

This weekend we sharpened our staves and picked up arms against a new wave of mobile villains and got a hands preview of the upcoming Seven Knights 2. After releasing the original Seven Knights back i...

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