Steam Weekly High Five: Slam Dunk Of A Week For Gaming!

Pop Culture is being taken back to the 90’s when “Shaq Fu” was unleashed upon the world and didn’t do so well. In 2018, Shaq with a remastered version ready to give the smack d...

Shaq Fu

EGX Rezzed 2018 – Shaq Fu is Back!

Way back in 1994, the Shaq attack pulled its punches a little. Shaq Fu, a 2D fighting game for the SNES, hit shelves and then swiftly migrated to the bargain bins. The power of this basketball star an...

NBA 2K18 Shaq

NBA 2K18 Launch Date and Gold Shaq Edition Announced

2K Games is unveiling the launch date and the cover athlete for NBA 2K18, and it’s none other than Shaq himself. Take a look at the announcement video, and watch Shaq forced to read a speech wri...

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