Sony Introduces DualSense - Wireless PS5 Controller

Sony Introduces DualSense – Wireless PS5 Controller

The developers from Sony have taken to the official PlayStation blog site to introduce DualSense, the new wireless PlayStation 5 controller. Back in October 2019, the company revealed one of the new f...

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II delayed indefinitely

Sony has announced that The Last of Us Part II is delayed “until further notice”, disappointing fans around the world who were counting the days until the May 29th release date. The delay ...

Predator Hunting Grounds - Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

Predator: Hunting Grounds – Multiplayer Gameplay

With multiplayer 4v1 shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds about to enter a trial weekend, the developers from IllFonic and Sony have revealed the gameplay footage to prepare players for the carnage that ...

Predator Hunting Grounds - Two New Trailers for Trial Weekend

Predator: Hunting Grounds – Two New Trailers for Trial Weekend

Multiplayer shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds is preparing for trial ran between March 27 and March 29. The developers from IllFonic and Sony have shared two new trailers to hype players up. Previousl...

playstation 5 specifications

These Are The PlayStation 5 Specifications

Sony has finally confirmed the specifications for its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. While it is not as flamboyantly named as the Xbox Series X, the hype over Sony’s newest console has be...

PLAYSTATION 5 IMPROVEMENTS E3 2020 system specification

PlayStation 5 Specification Details Arrive 18 March

Sony has confirmed that we will get a look at the Playstation 5 specifications and further technical details tomorrow. The gaming giant that is set to bring us their latest home console system just re...

PlayStation 2

The Legendary PlayStation 2 Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Games nowadays are available everywhere. For example, players who want to play retro titles can find emulators on the web. Moreover, those wishing to play casino games can visit sites such as Roulette...

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn Arriving On PC Summer 2020

Sony has confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC and it will land sometime in summer 2020. Speaking on a Playstation Blog, Playstation’s Worldwide Studio’s President confirmed that the acclai...


PlayStation 5 Vs Xbox Series X: Which Will Be The Better Console?

I am fed up. Fed up with people shouting from the mountain tops about how the PlayStation 5 is going to crush the Xbox Series X. I am also fed up with people who shout about how the Series X is going ...

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