Xbox Scarlett Cloud

OPINION: Microsoft Is Best Positioned For Next Gen

It is hardly outlandish to state that Microsoft and Xbox had a justifiably rough start to this current console generation. Their console was underpowered compared to the PS4 (itself underpowered, but ...

3 Ways to Boost Your PlayStation 4 Experience in the New Year

3 Ways to Boost Your PlayStation 4 Experience in the New Year

When it comes to discussing the true success stories of console gaming, the PlayStation 4 has to be regarded as up there with the best of them. However, while Sony is thought to have sold more than 76...

MediEvil PS4 Announce Trailer

MediEvil – PS4 Announce Trailer

Sony Interactive presented the trailer for the upcoming remake of the action-adventure MediEvil that was beloved by many owners of PS One. The PS4 Announce trailer shows off the awesome graphics and t...

PlayStation Classic

Sony Revealed PlayStation Classic Games Line-Up

PlayStation Classic offers the reimagined original experience of the first Sony console released 1994. Sony has finally revealed the full list of the games that will be available for PlayStation Class...

Midgard Mishaps

God of War – Midgard Mishaps Bug Collection Video

The developers of the much beloved God of War are back with a new type of video. Midgard Mishaps takes a look at the creation of the popular game and all weirdness going behind the scenes. If you have...

Days Gone Gameplay Demo

Days Gone Delayed Till April

Originally, PS4-exclusive Days Gone was slated to release in February, but Sony has decided to push the title back to April. Not only will the game have a couple of extra months for “further pol...

Name Changes Finally Coming to PSN

Poorly named gamers, rejoice! Name changes are finally making their way to the PlayStation Network. It’s been years in coming but the word has dropped on the Official PlayStation Blog.  To take ...

extended cross-play

Fortnite – Extended Cross-Play Beta Starts on PS4

Extended Cross-Play Features Coming to PlayStation 4! After a prolonged period of debates, arguments and more, it seems PlayStation 4 Fornite fans will get what they have wanted. John Kodera, Presiden...

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review – Insomniac Games’ Masterpiece

In an instant, all that you have hoped to protect and all that you have held dear could be stripped away by a decision you failed to make. Living a roughshod life of complex uncertainties is something...

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