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tokyo dark remembrance

Tokyo Dark Remembrance Scaring Up Nintendo Switch In November

If you thought that November meant a release from the spookiest time of year then you were wrong. Horror adventure Tokyo Dark Remembrance is coming to Haunt Nintendo Switch on 7 November. Keeping the ...


Octahedron: Transfixed Edition Review

What happens when you leave a man in the wood? He tumbles into a thicket and emerges a pulsating being of light of course. Descend into the world of Veetragoul with us as we take an eight-sided action...

8 Great

Faeland – Square Enix Collective Indie Hits Kickstarter

Faeland is a new Metroidvania Action Adventure RPG on Kickstarter. The game is pretty, touting a solid classic design, but this is more than just another retro platformer. Faeland is the passion proje...

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