Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation 3.0

Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation Just Got A Massive Update With Version 3.0

Real Time Strategy fans best warm up their lasers as Stardock has just released a major v3.0 update for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. Ashes of the Singularity fans better warm up their gaming ...

Galactic Civilizations III

Play Galactic Civilizations III for free on Steam this weekend

If you’ve been on the fence about buying Galactic Civilizations III, this weekend is your huckleberry. Stardock has announced that the game is free to play on Steam from today through August 19t...

Siege of Centauri

Siege of Centauri, a tower defense that plays like an RTS

Writer’s note: I was offered a Siege of Centauri key for the preview, but had already purchased the game as a Founder. It’s a weird time to be an RTS aficionado. There are a lot of games coming out th...


Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution Expansion Dated

Today, Stardock announced February 21st as the release date for Galactic Civilizations® III: Retribution, the largest expansion ever for the massive 4X space strategy game. In Retribution, your civili...

Star Control Origins Reinforcements Free DLC

Free Star Control: Origins DLC Arrives December 6

Just a few short months after Star Control: Origins released, Stardock is preparing to release free DLC content on December 6 entitled: Reinforcements.  A well-received reimagining of the classic Star...

Offworld Trading Company

Stardock’s 25th Anniversary brings the All-Star RTS Sale to celebrate

To celebrate their 25 years of making apps and games that are played and enjoyed the world over, independent developer/publisher Stardock is hosting a bit sale on some of their best-loved strategy tit...

Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity adds new maps, modding support, and replays

The Ashes of the Singularity team at Stardock recently updated their flagship RTS. Not only are replays and modding support now patched in, but three brand new maps have been added as well. Check out ...

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