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Steam Weekly High Five: Ready to melt faces?

That’s the dream and gaming theme this week not only in space but in the Wild, Wild West and out in VR Castles ready for battle! You could also make a wish on a genie or grab a fun dose of wistf...

Shoppe Keep 2 Early Access Preview

A huge fan of resource progression in any game I simply had to jump into Shoppe Keep to see what all the economic fuss was about and figure out for myself why developers Strange Fire felt it necessary...


Steam Weekly High Five: Fan of Bioshock? Senior Developers Have Been Building A City

Virtual Reality is getting prepared for summer with splashes of vivid fun, while senior BioShock developers take us to the city and SEGA release the latest edition of the Total War Saga series. Whose ...


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Will Enter Beta in September 2018

Action RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem (previously known as Umbra) has been sitting in Steam Early Access since 2016. Last week the developers have presented the community a huge surprise by announcing th...


It Lurks Below is a Retro Looking Dungeon Crawl RPG

Fans of the original Diablo game or of Marvel Heroes Online will doubtless know the name David Brevik. But even if you do not, but if you are a fan of dungeon-crawling survival RPGs with groovy retro ...

Platformer Aura Of Worlds Ready To Challenge Players Starting On April 24th

Aura Of Worlds, a new rogue-like platformer from indie studio Cognitive Forge, is set to launch on Steam April 24th. With a strong focus on exploration, surviving the deadly levels will require the us...


Steam Weekly High Five: Is there such a thing as too many pirate games?

Yes I mean the sea dominating salty kind! Can there be too many pirate themed games? I don’t think so, in fact we need more! Diving into the week Virtual Reality is really pulling out all the st...

Abandon Ship Sets Sail February 21st

Abandon Ship is a single-player PC game where you can take on quests and deal with random events in a diverse generated world.  Engage with other ships in combat, employ your best tactics in order to ...


Rust Finally Ready to Exit Early Access After Three Years on Steam

Rust is one of the first survival titles to have made an impact on the gaming scene. After over three years in Steam Early Access, developers say it’s finally time to go full release. Rust dev w...

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