Stellaris: Megacorp – Expansion Announcement Teaser

Paradox Interactive has announced the newest full expansion coming to the sci-fi grand strategy Stellaris: Megacorp.  Players will get a chance to become the CEOs of a powerful corporation set on expa...

Stellaris Console Edition

Stellaris Console Edition – “The fall of an Empire”

Paradox Development Studio is bringing the grand strategy genre to consoles for the first time ever with Stellaris Console Edition. Whether through politics, diplomacy, or military strength, Stellaris...

Distant Stars

Stellaris’ discovery-focused Distant Stars expansion is live today

The immensely popular 4X space game from Paradox gets its new expansion today. Distant Stars is focused on the exploration aspect of the game, as players will set out to the far reaches of space and m...

Stellaris Apocalypse Expansion

Stellaris Preps for the End Times with Apocalypse Expansion

Stellaris is about to expand and kill off the human race with the Apocalypse expansion. Stellaris: Apocalypse expansion release date has been announced for February 22nd, just 6 days before my birthda...

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