Streaming’s Effect on Traditional Gaming

Traditional video game sales have operated largely the same way for decades. You buy the game, you take it home, you play the game. The arrival and domination of online marketplaces might have created...

Video Games

The Growth Of Video Games Popularity Through The Years

Video games might have been thought of as a technological oddity once they came into the scene. But, now, the industry blossomed into one of the most profitable sectors in the world. It continues to e...

tonor tc-777 review

Tonor TC-777 USB Microphone Review – The Best Start For New Streamers

Whether you are streaming for thousands or just trying to be heard over the chaos of another Zoom meeting, being heard is incredibly important. The Tonor TC-777 USB mic aims to be an easy upgrade for ...

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mixer shutting down

Microsoft Is Shutting Down Mixer

Mixer, Microsoft’s online game streaming outlet is being closed down and shunting partners over to Facebook Gaming. Microsoft has dropped something of a bombshell for fans, partners, and employees con...


Playstation Plus Subscription Numbers Blast Past 41 Million

Sony has announced that while we are all crammed into our front rooms, it seems we are spending more on video games, and they#ve got the Playstation Plus subscription numbers to prove it. During a rec...

avermedia live gamer bolt 4K

The Avermedia Live Gamer Bolt is a 4K HDR and 240 FPS External Capture Box

Avermedia Technologies Inc just unveiled the Live Gamer Bolt, a new external capture box that boasts a whopping 240FPS and 4K HDR capture. For those of you that do dabble in the odd bit of streaming, ...

xcloud europe

Project xCloud Preview Is Coming To Europe

Project xCloud, the online game streaming service from Microsoft is about to arrive in Europe, hitting 11 new countries. Due to arrive in Android customers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, German...

Google Stadia Is Not a Free Netflix For Games

Google Stadia Pro Goes Free For Two Months

Google, the internet technology giant, just kicked an offer to give gamers two free months of free Google Stadia Pro. Launched back in November 2019 and received with varying levels of fanfare, Google...

crunchyroll orignals

Crunchyroll Originals Unveil Eight Exclusive Anime

Crunchyroll, one of the internet’s biggest resources for online anime just announced a bunch of new slate of original anime productions. Produced alongside respected publishers including Kodansha, ani...

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