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Five Different Career Options that Gamers Should Know About

Most gamers out there want to become a streamer out there, but it is something that only a handful of people are able to achieve because of their skillset and luck. It is a dream for most people but u...


How to Start Streaming Video Games Professionally

It is the dream of many gamers out there to be able to make a living just by playing games and there are tons of people from all over the world who are making a living just by following their passion....


Earning While Playing: Ways to Make Money Through eSports

When people think of making money while gaming, their first thought is usually to play casino games. While those are great options, there are also other exciting ways you can turn your eSports and vid...

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How to Monetize Your Gaming Hobby

In today’s world, there are many possible ways to earn money, but the best way is the one that meets the hobby. Most people love gaming, but due to financial pressure/ burden, they leave playing and s...

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StreaElements Adds Trovo But Will Streamers Ditch Twitch?

StreaElements has jsut added the Trovo streaming service to its list of supported platforms, meaning it is just a little bit easier for streamers to ditch Twitch. For anybody who hasn’t been pay...

Playstation Now December Games Adds GTA III: The Definitive Edition

PlayStation Now Subscribers are getting four new games for December, including the recently released GTA III: The Definitive Edition. After launching across a whole host of platforms barely a couple o...

Netflix Games Service Launches Today

Netflix Games Service Launches Today

Netflix, the online TV streaming service, has just launched its very own online gaming library as part of its subscription service. While plenty of Netlfix subscribers are still hooked on the pop cult...

Final Fantasy IX IS Getting An Animated Outing

PlayStation Now Gets Four New Games For November

PlayStation Now, the streaming game service from Sony, is getting four new games from 2 November, including Final Fantasy IX. Sony has announced that the online game streaming service, PlayStation Now...


Netflix Rumored to be Adding Games Within the Year

Netflix has been looking to expand its hold on our free time for several months and it seems the powers that be have finally found a way. According to a report at Bloomberg (paywall), the media giant ...

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