No More Heroes Set For A PC Release

No More Heroes Set For A PC Release

No more Heroes is set for a PC release this week and the Wii title is accompanied by its sequel on this platform port. Directed, designed, and written by Goichi Suda, No More Heroes, and its sequel, a...

No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 Will Save The Switch

Travis Touchdown seems to love the E3 stage. Following his 2017 appearance, Nintendo unveiled No More Heroes 3 at their recent E3 2019 conference and it is coming to the Switch. It’s hard to pick a pl...

Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Finds its Voice and Unveils DLC Plans

With just a few weeks left until we get to play Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Suda51 has a little more to tease us with. Before we dive into Death Drive MkII, the legendary dev has unveiled th...


Suda51, Videogame Auteur, On What Excites Him in Gaming Today

Goichi Suda, the man known as Suda51, has made a lot of iconic games in his time in this crazy industry. His studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, is responsible for cult classics like The Silver Case, No ...

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