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Hades Steam Review

Hades Steam Review

Every so often, I enjoy picking up a decent roguelike game and spending some time grinding my way along, getting killed in fun and interesting ways, and pushing myself to improve my timing on mechanic...

10 Perfect

Hades – Can You Dance Your Way Out of the Underworld?

In Hades, players are tasked to hack and slash their way out of the Underworld but this is so boring an approach. Instead, can you dance it out in style? Absolute mad lad PeekingBoo first beat the Hyd...

Hades Sold Over a Million Copies

The developers from Supergiant Games have taken to Twitter to reveal the exciting news that Roguelike Action Hades has now sold over a million copies. In Hades, you wield the powers and mythic weapons...

First Impressions: Cheat Death in Hades

Indie veteran Supergiant Games recently release its brand-new isometric, action RPG rogue-like, Hades into the world of early access and the results have been nothing short of titanic – like the...


Transistor Switch Review

After an announcement, a few days before PAX West that Supergiant Games would bring two of its award-winning games to the Switch, as well as a well-received launch of Bastion, the release of Transisto...

8 Great

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