survival horror

Night of the Dead Early Access Review

Night of the Dead is an open-world zombie survival game that not only gave me the ability to build myself a base but also to lay traps of various kinds around it to keep myself safe. Every 24 hours I ...

8.5 Great

10 Best Zombie Horror Games To Play In 2019

Last week we looked at some of the best psychological horror games available right now. They focused on suspense, mental distress, and jump scares to frighten the hell out of us. This week we are focu...

Exorcise the Demons Review

Exorcise the Demons is a Kickstarter-backed co-op horror puzzle game developed and produced by Midnight Games EIRL that was released on Steam on September 18, 2019. If you’re scratching your head at t...

6 Fair
Fade to Silence

Fade to Silence Review

Winter isn’t coming. It’s here already, and it’s staying. In the bleak, frozen, and corrupted wasteland of the future, Ash struggles to keep his daughter and whatever remainder of hu...

8.5 Great
First Person Horror Survival Desolate Is Now Out on Steam

First Person Horror Survival Desolate Is Now Out on Steam

Nearga and HypeTrain Digital are excited to announce that first-person horror survival experience Desolate is now out from Steam Early Access.  The celebrate the occasion and mark the release, the tea...

Last Year: The Nightmare in Review

Let’s face it. For most of us, high school is not or was not good times. In fact, I think I’m safe in saying that most peoples’ “Last Year” in high school, whatever year that may have been, was, indee...

7.5 Good
Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout Turned Out To Be a Mobile Game

After a number of teasers dedicated to the upcoming Alien title, FoxNet Games has finally revealed more information about the project. Alien: Blackout is a Survival Horror game for iOS and Android dev...

Dead By Daylight - Darkness Among Us

Dead By Daylight – Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us Launches on December 11

Behaviour is excited to announce the release of the latest chapter for its survival-horror Dead by Daylight. Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us includes a new map, killer and survivor. The studio has also ...

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