Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks Rolls Onto Microprose Lineup via Kickstarter - picture of tank construction line

Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks Rolls Onto Microprose Lineup via Kickstarter

Keep your tracks on, Microprose has just announced Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks, coming to PC soon. Old school publisher Microprose has just announced a new title in its mix of military shooter and sims, ...

world of tanks Halloween silent hill

World Of Tanks Has A Hellish Halloween With Silent Hill Creators

World of Tanks, Wargaming’s explosive mechanised battler, is treading into Halloween with the help of some Silent Hill legends. Between 26 October and 9 November, World of tanks is inviting players to...

world of tanks road to berlin

Road To Berlin Revs Onto World Of Tanks

As Victory in Europe Day approaches World of Tanks is getting a new PvE mode titled Roda To Berlin. While many of us as busy out in a galaxy far far away, the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day...

total tank simulator preview

Total Tank Simulator Front Line Action Preview

Close the hatch and man the turrets as we take to the front lines and get an early look at Total Tank Simulator. Due to blast into Early Access on PC, Total Tank Simulator is a new strategic sim from ...

world of tanks update

World of Tanks Update Is Double Trouble

The first World of Tanks Update of 2020 just hit and it’s full of double barrel ammunition. Wargaming’s premier tank battling action game has just received update 1.7.1 and it brings a whole army of n...

total tank simulator

Total Tank Simulator Fires Off Launch Trailer

Total Tank Simulator, a new physics-based line of warfare from Polish developer Noobz, just engaged the gaming public with a new trailer for this unique experience. Set among the charred metal and sca...

The Best Steam Releases This Week – 6/07/2019

With all of the gaming news coming out of E3 this last week, the horizon of video game releases that are laid out before us promises a wealth of adventure and countless hours of enjoyment; enough so, ...

Press Release: Classic RTS S.W.I.N.E. Gets an HD Remaster for PC

In July of 2001, General Iron Tusk overthrew the government of the Republic of Pigs, marking the beginning an era of expansionism and conquest as the General quickly turned his gaze and the war powers...

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Rolls onto Xbox One

Almost a year after Armored Warfare invaded the PlayStation 4, My.com’s multiplayer tank battle is due to tread into even more households, as it launches on the Xbox One. Fans of Microsoft’s home cons...

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