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tell me why is free for pride month - screenshot of the two protagonists

Tell Me Why Is Free During Pride 2022

Dontnod has announced that it is making the emotionally wrenching tale of childhood secrets, Tell Me Why, free across June 2022. While some companies slap a rainbow logo on their front page over Pride...

Tell Me Why

5 Reasons You Should Play Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is DontNod Entertainment’s latest game offering. Following the success of Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2, DontNod takes another shot at an episodic narrative adventure game, t...

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tell me why release date

Tell Me Why Release Date Set For August

Dontnod, the independent french Studio behind narrative hits such as Life is Strange, has confirmed that the Tell Me Why release date is now set for 27 August 2020. Coming to Xbox and Windows, via Xbo...

tell me why transgender lead

Dontnod Unveil Tell Me Why With A Transgender Lead

Dontnod, the French indie developer behind titles like Life Is Strange, revealed its latest title at X019 and this narrative adventure looks to be groundbreaking. Unleashed with all the usual fanfare ...

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