Temtem EA Steam Review – Part 2

Temtem, the online MMO monster-catching game, released for early access back in January of 2020. Much like everyone else the excitement for an online had me excited. Now here we are, down the line and...

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Temtem – PS5 Launch Trailer

Publisher Humble Games and developer Crema shared the PlayStation 5 launch trailer for Temtem, currently available on the console in Early Access. The team invites players to explore six beautiful isl...


Temtem Taking Aim at Next-Gen Consoles

During the Sony State of Play event yesterday, Humble Games and Crema announced that Temtem is heading for next-gen consoles in 2021. Because of the nature of the event, the announcement was only for ...


Temtem Kisiwa Update Arrives Today

Temtem players will finally have some new territory to explore once the Kisiwa update arrives later today. There will be a completely new island, brand new storylines to explore, a new level cap to at...


Ranked Matchmaking Comes to Temtem

The Spring Update has finally landed in Temtem that brings a number of features to the game. Most notably, players will now be able to participate in Ranked Matchmaking where players earn points for w...


Temtem team reveals content roadmap

The Temtem team is enjoying a pretty stellar early access launch of its “creature collecting MMORPG” but they’re not sitting back and counting money. In a new post on the official si...

Temtem Early Access Review for PC

TemTem’s early access has been fun and challenging but it was no walk in the park. Like with any MMO launch there were lots of problems. Even more so this time around because it is an early access gam...

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Hundreds of Temtem Trainers Banned

It looks like the support team at Crema have evolved and gained the Banhammer skill as over 900 Temtem players were banned today. The Early Access pet battling title might only have come out on Steam ...

Here’s when you can get started playing TemTem

Today’s a big day for those who love collecting games like Pokemon Go. TemTem is slated for Early Access release beginning today, though only on PC for at least the next several months. Develope...

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