halo nerf guns

Halo Nerf Guns Are Aiming At Stores

Halo Nerf Guns are coming to store shelves and toymaker Hasbro has revealed the new arsenal of foam firepower. Halo fans are getting some extra firepower in the battle with the covenant. Toy manufactu...

poewr rangers: battle for the grid 2.0

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid 2.0 Updated is Go Go

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid, the beat em up that features the titular rangers just got a huge new update and it’s even introduced full crossplay support. Go Go take on all your friends on any pl...

hypercharge: unboxed

Hypercharge: Unboxed Deploys on Nintendo Switch This Friday

Digital Cybercherries are set to throw their toys out and get on the road as Hypercharge Unboxed hits Nintendo Switch on 31 January 2020. Taking warfare from the front lines and into the playroom, Hyp...

unicron transformers

Lock Up Your Toaster This Transformers Unicron Toy is HUGE!

Unicron is coming and it might be worth locking up your small appliances because this Transformer is gigantic. Hasbro has just unveiled a 2 foot tall Unicron figure. If you’re not familiar with Unicro...

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