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Gamigo Financials Highlight a Trion Triumph

Gamigo Q3 Financials just hit and it looks like the publisher behind some recent relaunches has had an unchained success of late, but it is not all about Archeage. While fans of Archeage have been at ...

Twitch Monthly Recap February

This month has been an odd ball month as far as vibes go, which Twitch is built upon. Yes, the love was definitely there especially with Black History Month, Valentines and a wider spread of Twitch Pr...

Trove Welcomes Spring In PRIME Japanese Style!

In 2015 Trion Worlds launched MMO voxel Trove hitting the one million mark rapidly securing a hit, by 2016 Trove had 5 million players. In 2017 when Trove became Trions first next-gen console title 3 ...

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