Ash of Gods Redemption - Announcement Trailer

Ash of Gods: Redemption – Announcement Trailer

The project of Aurum Dust Studios, Ash of Gods was initially released in 2018 and received mostly positive reviews from the community, with players and critics alike complimenting the difficult advent...

Phoenix Point - Official Launch Trailer

Phoenix Point – Official Launch Trailer

Snapshot Games’ turn-based strategy/RPG Phoenix Point is launching tomorrow on Epic Games Store for PC (the console version will release later in 2020). To celebrate this special occasion, the t...

Causa Voices Of The Dusk

Take A Turn As Causa, Voices Of The Dusk Gets A New Demo

Causa, Voices Of TheDusk is about to rally the cause for CCG gamers as this indie card game brings on a brand new demo weekend to Steam. Set to take place on the 23 November, the upcoming demo campaig...

Encased Preview

Encased Preview for PC

If you’ve played the Shadowrun series from Harebrained schemes, Encased won’t have too many surprises for you, though in general, it’s significantly different, it still has that feel...

project haven

Foresight Games Unveil Project Haven

Foresight Games just revealed its upcoming game, Project Haven. Grab your gun as things take a gritty turn in this upcoming RPG. Crafted by a dedicated indie team who wanted something a bit more matur...

element space

Element Space Bringing The Future To Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Elemental Space is bringing a new turn based story to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the first quarter of 2020. Jump forward two hundred years and get ready to fight for your own future. Publisher Blow...

Iratus Lord of the Dead Receives First Content Update

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Receives First Content Update

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. The game released on Steam Early Access on July 24th, 2019 and has since received very positive reviews ...


New Warsaw trailer preps the world for tomorrow’s launch

Pixelated Milk is preparing for tomorrow’s launch of Warsaw, its WWII turn-based tactical RPG. The game’s official launch trailer focuses on the shattered dreams of a ragtag bunch of parti...

The Legend Of Bum-Bo

The Legend Of Bum-Bo Is a Binding Of Isaac Prequel

Indie phenomenon, The Binding of Issac is getting a prequel. A little later this year players will experience the Legend of Bum-Bo for the first time on PC and Mac 12 November. First announced back in...

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