twin stick shooter

Neon Chrome is coming to the Switch on October 12th

Back in 2016, 10Tons put out a slick twin-stick shooter called Neon Chrome (see the trailer below for the PS4 version). It won over fans of the genre and became a bit of a cult hit. Well, like all gre...


NeuroVoider coming to Nintendo Switch September 7th

The crazy, hectic, frenetic Neurovoider is coming to Nintendo’s new console on September 7th.  With online and local 4-player co-op, procedural everything (weapons, maps, etc), it’s one th...

Solstice Chronicles: MIA launches July 26 on PC and Steam

If those floppy disks with Doom scratched across them taught me anything it is to never go to Mars! Fortunately for you, video game marines don’t ever seem to learn. Coming to Steam July 26th, I...


Nex Machina – A Twin Stick Shooter Inspired by Arcade Classics

Nex Machina is a new twin stick shooter from Housemarque Games. It takes its inspiration from 80s arcade classics as well as from Eugene Jarvis, creator of Robotron 2048. The game is now available for...

Solstice Chronicles MIA

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. – One Hour with the twin-stick shooter

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. is a twin stick shooter that feels like playing a video arcade machine. With a fully-funded FIG campaign, the game creates a unique mix of 90s horror and uses inspiration fr...

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