Underworld: Ascendant

underworld ascendant PLaystation 4

Underworld Ascendant Ventures Onto PlayStation 4

Underworld Ascendant sets out on a new adventure today. The fan-funded RPG is now available on PlayStation 4 and is coming to Xbox One soon. PlayStation 4 players are invited to follow their PC counte...

Gamescom: Going Down Into Underworld Ascendant

Earlier in 2018, we got hands-on with Underworld Ascendant. This incredible first-person dungeon crawler is the long-awaited successor to the Ultima series of games. Taking place in the same universe ...


PAX East 2018 – Hands On with Underworld: Ascendant

During PAX East I had the distinct pleasure to preview Underworld Ascendant which is a game seeking to be a continuation of the Ultima Underworld series. If this sounds familiar to you, you might reme...

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