What Do Players Need to Know about Unity?

Unity is a tool or better-said engine for developing different types of software. This cross-platform game engine was released almost fifteen years ago by Unity Technologies. So, what can you develop ...

Unity, Microsoft & Epic Games Pull Out From GDC 2020

Unity, Microsoft & Epic Games Pull Out From GDC 2020

Game Developers Conference aka GDC 2020 is planning to start on March 16th in San Francisco, California. Although at this point it seems quite possible that the conference will not happen at all. Prev...

nine chronicles alpha

Nine Chronicles Opens Up Alpha Test To Player Control

Nine Chronicles, a very different type of RPG from developer Planetarium, threw open the floodgates to Alpha testers today and the developers aren’t in control anymore. The Players Are In Charge Now C...

Pigeon Simulator Title

Pigeon Simulator Looks Dove-ly

Pigeon Simulator. There, we said it. When you think that dating sims, scantily clad Japanese Waifus, and flipping toast are too mundane you can take to the skies and blow up a hotdog stand. We’re a li...

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