Game Development

Top 7 Platforms for Gaming Application Development

With the augmentation in mobile use and the ever so evolving technology, our phones are no longer used for just messaging or calling. Consequently, these smart devices are only becoming more intellige...

Close to the Sun Preview

Close to the Sun Preview for Nintendo Switch

One of the most intriguing and satisfying things in my life is scenarios and mysteries. Close to the Sun combines those with another one of my tantalizing infatuations that is horror and all subjects ...

7 Good
Bafta Epic

Lootboxes, PC Exclusives, And An Epic BAFTA Award

In a move that might confuse many video game consumers, developer Epic is about to get a pat on the back from somebody soon. In a recent announcement, BAFTA announced that it will present developer Ep...

Another SIght: Hodge's Journey

Another Sight: Hodge’s Journey Set Free on Steam

Back during Rezzed 2018 one of our favorite previews was an absolutely gorgeous narrative platformer Another Sight. Now, developer Great Lunar Wall Studios is giving us another glimpse into the world ...

ICYMI: GRIP announced – Get on all the walls with this futuristic racer

You may have missed it earlier this week, but GRIP was recently announced. Remember the rad games of the late 90s where you raced up the walls and upside down? Well, they’re back with a vengeanc...


Fortnite – Full Achievements and Trophy List

Do you want Trophies? Do you want Achievements? Bada-bing, bada-boom, Epic is here to provide them all… for Fortnite. Due out in early access at the end of this month, Fortnite is looking like i...

borderlands 3

What could Borderlands 3 look like? Gearbox teases at GDC

Borderlands 3 is coming. We know it because Gearbox has said so. But at GDC today, during the Unreal Engine talk, Randy Pitchford took the stage to show off some of the toys the team has been playing ...

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