How Does Valorant Ranked Work?

Having launched the closed beta of Valorant not too long ago, Riot Games recently unveiled the Valorant ranking system and competitive games too. Now that it is live anyone with access to the closed b...

Valorant - Breach Gameplay Reveal & Cosmetics Detailed

Valorant – Breach Gameplay Reveal & Cosmetics Detailed

Riot Games continues to introduce players to the wonders of the upcoming competitive co-op shooter Valorant, currently undergoing closed beta testing. This time the developers revealed a new agent nam...

Datamined Valorant Map Is Found By Reddit

Valorant, the arena shooter from Riot, was always getting more content but it looks like Reddit just datamined Valorant’s next map, and it’s called Ascent. The recently released title from the League ...

valorant ban hammer

Valorant Bans Have Begun

Cheating sucks and it looks like Valornat has already started kicking cheaters as Riot’s beta testing continues. In a social media post by Valorant’s own banhammer, paul Chamberlin, the programmer con...

Valorant - Meet Jett in the Latest Gameplay Reveal

Valorant – Meet Jett in the Latest Gameplay Reveal

More and more special agents join the roster of the upcoming F2P team-based competitive shooter from Riot Games. The latest gameplay video reveals the abilities of Jett, though players could have seen...


Valorant Heads for Closed Beta Testing Next Week

Riot Games has surprised just about everyone with its announcement that Valorant, the company’s upcoming team-based 5v5 FPS, will be hitting its closed beta testing phase starting on April 7th. ...

Valorant - Sage Gameplay Reveal

Valorant – Sage Gameplay Reveal

The developers from Riot Games continue introducing players to the special agents in the roster of the upcoming team-based shooter Valorant. Following the reveal of Phoenix, Viper and Sova, the team u...

Valorant Sova Gameplay Reveal

Valorant: Sova Gameplay Reveal

Following the reveal of Phoenix and Viper, the developers from Riot Games have decided to introduce players to a new character coming to competitive FPS Valorant. Meet Sova (“Owl” in Russi...

Valorant - Meet Viper

Valorant – Meet Viper

The developers of co-op shooter Valorant previously known as “Project A” have revealed a second character to join the roster of special agents. Following previously revealed Phoenix, Viper...

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