Spellbreak Community Highlights Sugar Wizard Trees

Spellbreak Community Highlights: Sugar Wizard Trees & Phoennix

Spellbreak is an epic magic-based Battle Royale. The game will allow you to weave together spectacular spell combinations and craft strategic builds in your quest for survival. While the project is st...

System Shock Final Art KS Preview

System Shock: Final Art KS Preview

Nightdive Studios published a new System Shock remake pre-alpha gameplay trailer that lets you take a glimpse at the game. The devs promise to show off the combat system next. The developers have run ...

Ring of Elysium - Europa Island Map Official Trailer

Ring of Elysium – Europa Island Map Official Trailer

Ring of Elysium (also known as Europa) is preparing to release a new content expansion on January 16th! The update will mark the start of the new season two and introduce a new Europa Island map. Chec...

Spellbreak Community Highlights NukeMaster

Magic Battle Royale Spellbreak Community Highlights: NukeMaster & Dobby

Epic fantasy magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak continues on with its Community Highlights. The latest pre-alpha montages come from NukeMaster and Dobby. Check out the previous videos from vandal, S...

Spellbreak Community Highlights: Balletje

Spellbreak Community Highlights: Balletje

The developers from Proletariat continue to expand magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak Community Highlights video series. This time the video features a tester named Balletje and the magic battles be...

Battlefield V Free Update Chapter 1 Overture

Battlefield V Update Trailer – Chapter 1: Overture

The Battlefield V team is presenting players with the free update that will be available starting today, December 4. It brings in a new single-player War Story titled The Last Tiger. It would allow yo...

Spellbreak Community Highlights Sponge

Spellbreak Community Highlights: Sponge

The developers of magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak have started a new video series Spellbreak Community Highlights, spotlighting the pre-alpha testers and giving the potential audience a chance to...

The Last Remnant Remastered

The Last Remnant Remastered – Discover The Remnants Trailer

The original The Last Remnant came out worldwide in 2008 for Xbox 360 and a year later for Windows PC. It was the first Square Enix’s project to use Unreal Engine. The PS3 version has been annou...

Hell Let Loose Announcement Trailer

Hell Let Loose – Announcement Trailer (PC)

Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter that is aiming to bring World War II in an epic scale to your PC. The project will be coming to Steam Early Access in 2019. The developers from Black Matter Pt...

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