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ARK Park Dragon

ARK Park: Pterosaur Hill DLC Hits Steam VR, HTC Vive And Windows MR June 28th!

Not all of us here at Gamespace have a VR headset, so sorry if we come off seeming a little envious of those of you that do because this new DLC for ARK Park looks unbelievable! Snail Games has announ...


Steam Weekly High Five: Is Virtual Reality Dead?

Not even close, as zombies and the dead take over this weeks VR Steam menu! On Windows we get schooled by Daryl, dungeon crawl across the oceans of time and do our best to avoid extinction. All of the...

The Way of Kings: Escape the Shattered Plains VR Review

Brandon Sanderson is one of the most well-respected names in fantasy fiction today. With the announcement of the first game based on his bestselling Stormlight Archive series coming to the HTC Vive, f...

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