Warcraft III Reforged

Warcraft 3

The Fall of Warcraft 3 Reforged: Worst Metacritic Score in History

Warcraft 3 is a phenomenally popular strategy released in 2002. But Blizzard decided they can repeat this success and shot for the stars once again. And missed. Their Reforged remaster of classics has...

Warcraft 3 Reforged Bug Fixes

Warcraft 3: Reforged Bug Fixes

Following the automated refund process and the first developer message to the community, Warcraft 3: Reforged received the first patch oriented at bug fixes, although many known issues are not being f...

WC3 Reforged Review - Warcraft With a Fresh Coat of Paint

WC3: Reforged Review – Warcraft With a Fresh Coat of Paint

It has been a few days since the release of WarCraft 3: Reforged, the long-awaited remaster of Blizzard’s classic RTS announced during BlizzCon 2018. Reforged is not the company’s first venture into t...

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Join the Battle in Warcraft III Reforged

Join the Battle in Warcraft III: Reforged

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to present Warcraft III: Reforged, a reimagining of the company’s groundbreaking real-time strategy game. Including the content both from Warcraft III: Reign of C...

Warcraft III Reforged

Warcraft III Reforged unlocks Tuesday + system specs

Blizzard is preparing to unleash Warcraft III Reforged on the world on Tuesday, January 28th. To make sure everyone is ready to take on the beloved and updated realtime strategy title, developers have...

Warcraft III Reforged

Warcraft III Reforged delayed to late January 2020

Blizzard Entertainment has posted a new blog with some (sorta) sad news for fans of Warcraft III Reforged. The game is now slated for release on January 28, 2020 rather than “2019” which w...

Warcraft 4 Warcraft III Reforged

Blizzard Has No Plans For Warcraft 4

Blizzard senior producer Pete Stilwell had participated in an interview with GameSpot in which he has revealed that the company currently has no plans for Warcraft 4. “I mean, I wouldn’t r...


Warcraft III Reforged Interview with the Devs

The announcement of Warcraft III Reforged during opening ceremonies yesterday was one of the highlights of Blizzcon for me and is something I know many longtime Blizzard fans have been asking for. The...

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