winter update

Halo Infinite Winter Update

Halo Infinite Winter Update Finally Arrives

After what seems like forever, 343 Industries has announced that the Winter Update for Halo Infinite has arrived. This massive update is the largest one to date and brings big changes to the campaign ...

Halo Infinite Winter Update 2022

New Halo Infinite “ViDoc” Details the Winter Update

343 Industries has released a brand new “vidoc” for the Halo Infinite Winter Update. The latest update to the game is currently slated for a November 8th release date. The ViDoc provides v...

Rocket League

Here’s what’s coming to Rocket League in Winter 2019

The Rocket League site has been updated with a forward look at what players can expect throughout Winter 2019. The letter begins with a brief note of thanks to the community and the astonishment that ...

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 – Get Hot Over the Winter Update

EA has unleashed a huge update for Battlefield 1. Cleverly called the “Winter Update”, the patch brings a number of feature updates as well as a higher level cap. The Skinny on the Battlef...

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