WWE 2K20 Review

WWE 2K20 Review

During the whole time that I was playing WWE 2K20, I was only thinking of one thing: How 2K Games could launch such a mess as the final and complete version of the game for $59.99? If you want a brief...

4 Poor

WWE 2K19 Review

You wake up in the back of your dad’s old work van, and you wonder why you aren’t sitting pretty in a mansion, or at least a nice house somewhere. Your life decisions seem to have been catching up wit...

7.5 Good

Laying the Smackdown in WWE 2K18

Every year I ghost the latest WWE game’s development asking myself three questions along the way; will AI improve? Will Gameplay improve? Will load times improve? Read on to see if WWE2k18 won that tr...

Mycareer WWE 2k18

MyCareer unveiled for WWE 2K18, this year brings free roaming

Yep, much like the anticipated NBA 2K18’s Neighborhood, WWE 2K18 is adding a free-roaming mode backstage between matches. 2K has also added improved Promos, better Invasions from your friends, n...

WWE 2K18 Devs Reveal First Round of Superstars

2K Games is starting a brand new series to officially reveal the superstars coming to WWE 2K18. The company revealed over 40 stars that include some of the sport’s biggest names. WWE 2K18 Develo...

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 Is Heading to Nintendo Switch Alongside XB1 & PS4

2K has announced that WWE 2K18 is heading to Nintendo Switch. Even more, it will be released on October 17th along with the PS4 and XBox One versions. At this point, we don’t know if there will ...

fire pro wrestling world announced

Fire Pro Wrestling World announced at GDC

Well, I know at least ONE of our writers who just squealed like a little kid. After a 10 year break, Fire Pro Wrestling is back as Spike Chunsoft announced at GDC. With Fire Pro Wrestling World announ...

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