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RUINER’s latest trailer promises to well… ruin us, with boss bounties

If you didn’t see our first impressions, RUINER is an excellent twin-stick RPG-lite come from Reikon and Devolver Digital next week. Today they&...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII Documentary – Brotherhood of Heroes

The week of campaign info for the upcoming Call of Duty WWII release continues this week with a documentary about the setting, the development, and th...[Read More]

Absolver’s latest patch brings fixes, new masks, and more

Look at the Enter the Gungeon mask, seriously. Check out the gameplay trailer, and read up on all the new changes to Absolver, the hit kungfu action R...[Read More]

Project Cars 2 Racing to Release – This Trailer Though…WOW!

Bandai Namco has released an incredible new trailer for Project Cars 2. It features a ton of racing action, amazing cars and fantastic environments. I...[Read More]

Left Alive – Square Enix’s Entry into Survival TPS

Square Enix revealed a trailer for its upcoming TPS called Left Alive last night. The game was introduced earlier this week with few details. You won&...[Read More]

Forza 7 Demo Races Onto the Scene Complete with Brand New Trailer

Racing fans take note! A brand new Forza 7 demo has raced onto both XBox One and Windows 10 PC as of today. As part of the big news, developers have a...[Read More]

Neofeud Launches – An Adventure Game to Beat Them All

Silver Spook has sent word that Neofeud has officially launched on Steam. Developers say that it is “in the vein of Blade Runner” with the...[Read More]

The Mystic Tribe is showcased in this week’s Shadow of War trailer

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is getting so close we can taste its October launch. To keep the flavors piling up, Warner Bros. today put out another orc...[Read More]

Peep the first WWE 2K18 gameplay footage

WWE 2K18 is looking to be an absolutely top-notch version of the yearly wrasslin’ game from Yukes and Visual Concepts. We’ve been covering...[Read More]

Layers of Fear is coming to the Switch

Layers of Fear: Legacy includes both the original as well as the expansion, Inheritance. Rebuilt for Switch, Layers of Fear: Legacy will support HD Ru...[Read More]

Ana Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

With the overview of the new map complete, Blizzard Entertainment has moved on to take a closer look at the upcoming characters. This time around the ...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII gets its story trailer…

And goddamn does it look powerful. The Call of Duty WWII story trailer is here, folks. And buckle up, because this one’s going to be pretty epic...[Read More]

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