Warmonger Tribe Slays Its Way Into Latest Shadow of War Trailer

The newest video about enemies in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has arrived. This time, you’ll get all the scary information you could possibly ne...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s The Division to Get a Hefty Update – Here’s What It Brings

Ubisoft has sent out a new trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division. The video spotlights the next big free update coming to the game on August 15t...[Read More]

The Spider – Exclusive Rendering and Animation First Look

The folks at Razor Edge Games have given us an exclusive video showing rendering and animation models for their upcoming game Ecpocylipse the AfterFal...[Read More]

Nemesis System Previewed for Middle Earth: Shadow of War

One of the most interesting features in Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the Nemesis System. It has been completely re-done for the new game and IGN edi...[Read More]

Spring Update Brings New Thrills & Chills to Planet Coaster

The big Spring Update has finally arrived for Planet Coaster. It comes packed with a ton of new content, exciting new ways to play, as well as the Cri...[Read More]

Groundrush Update Adds Better Coop, New Map to EVE Valkyrie

CCP is ready to update EVE Valkyrie, its ground breaking VR title. Groundrush will bring a new map as well as improved cooperative player and much mor...[Read More]

Fall of the Dark Brotherhood Brings PvE to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is an interesting new addition to The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The update brings a ton of new PvE story content into the g...[Read More]

Cars 3 Driven to Win Features Old Friends & New Adventures

Cars 3 Driven to Win will be racing onto multiple platforms this June! The movie tie-in game is to feature well-known characters from the series as we...[Read More]

Surf World Trailer Makes You Want to Hang Ten

Surf World is an upcoming game from Climax Studios that literally invites you to hang ten. The video features devs speaking about what makes their gam...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid Brought to Life in LEGO Worlds

Metal Gear Solid in…LEGO Worlds? You’d better believe it. After all, LW is all about letting the creative minds of its players go. Players...[Read More]

Persona 5’s Epic Take Your Heart edition unboxed

For $90, that’s a lot of swag… the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition is pretty much top of the pops if you’re a Persona fanboy or gi...[Read More]

Burial Chamber Arena – A Grim Reminder of Death in Quake Champions

The Burial Chamber Arena is the latest Quake Champions location to be shown in a new video. Bethesda reminds players that the Grim Reaper stalks its h...[Read More]

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