Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Confirmed For 2019

A familiar ring?

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie - Sonic Mania - Gotta Go Fast

It’s been talked about for awhile. A Sonic the Hedgehog Movie is coming to life. Today in a interview discussing “nostalgia” with Mike Evans of Sega Networks, Mike is quoted as saying:

“Nostalgia is actually very much in vogue, which is one the reasons we’ve been chasing it down,” he says. “Everything Nintendo has been doing has been driving big waves in nostalgia, they’ve done some amazing things and they had a lot of success with the classic NES. There is a film and documentary coming out about retro gaming called Console Wars. We also have a Sonic movie coming in 2019.”

More about the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie:

It’s being billed as a live action-CG hybrid and is directed by the director of the critically-acclaimed Deadpool movie. With those few little words, I probably just made all you fellow nerds wet your pants. Hold onto your butts, we’re gonna go fast.

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