Distant Stars

Stellaris’ discovery-focused Distant Stars expansion is live today

The immensely popular 4X space game from Paradox gets its new expansion today. Distant Stars is focused on the exploration aspect of the game, as players will set out to the far reaches of space and m...


The Golf Club 2019 is now licensed by the PGA Tour

The Golf Club games have been around for awhile now, but until today, none have been officially licensed by the PGA Tour. HBStudios made the announcement that The Golf Club 2019 has achieved the serie...


Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Switch… just not like you think

Capcom and Nintendo have announced that Resident Evil 7 is coming to Switch in Japan as a cloud-based streaming title. The game is set for release on May 24th and features a slim 45Mb install. However...

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is going back to WW2, as it should you know

From our friends (read: us) at OpenCritic: If you blink you’ll miss it during this 12-second long “micro-trailer” for the Battlefield V reveal event to be held on May 23rd. The brief...


Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset Chapter has launched

Originally posted on OpenCritic. If you follow me at, it’s no secret that I love Elder Scrolls Online. It’s my “go to” MMORPG these days, and has been for about 4 ye...

Go Vacation
Green Hell

Green Hell announcement trailer

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the jungle, nothing but your wits and keen survival skills to keep you warm? If so, you're crazy, but luckily so is new developer Creepy Jar.


RAGE 2’s gameplay reveal is full of carnage, and I love it.

Just look at this beauty. RAGE 2’s “debut” trailer was kooky, but this gameplay footage more than lives up to the “Insanity Rules” premise Bethesda and Avalanche Studios ...


RAGE 2 is coming, as if you didn’t already know

There’s no gameplay footage, as the worldwide gameplay reveal is tomorrow, May 15th, but for now how about a weird and wild post-apocalyptic Mad Max-ian announcement trailer? Yeah, we’ll a...

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