corepunk Developer Interview

CorePunk Developer Interview & Update

For anybody who was watching the internet back in December might have noticed a brand new MMORPG appear completely out of nowhere. Developer Artificial Core is ready to set the MMO world aflame again ...

playstation 5 specifications

These Are The PlayStation 5 Specifications

Sony has finally confirmed the specifications for its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. While it is not as flamboyantly named as the Xbox Series X, the hype over Sony’s newest console has be...

nintendo indie 2020

Nintendo Indie Showcase Drops A Cache Of New Nindies For 2020

The latest Nintendo Indie Showcase dropped on the internet last night and unveiled more than 20 new titles that are about to hit Nintendo’s handheld. The first Nintendo Indie Showcase of 2020 continue...

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal Coming To Pax East

Baldur’s Gate 3 is bringing a worldwide first gameplay reveal to Pax East 2020 and you can check it out live on stage. Larian Studios, the team behind the next in the Baldur’s Gate trilogy, has announ...

last oasis beta

Last Oasis Beta Wants PvP Clans For Combat Testing

Developer Donkey Crew is making a final call for Last Oasis beta testers s they get ready to start up the woodwalkers in Q1 2020. The Polish team behind one of our more anticipated 2020 massive multip...

magic manastrike

Manastrike Mobile Registration Open Now

Manastrike is ready to pounce, as Netmarbles new mobile RTS opens pre-registration to gamers today. Netmarble, the massive mobile team behind games like Lineage 2 Revolutions, is gearing up to release...

Kingdom Under Fire 2_Artwork_Class_Gunslinger

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Hands On Preview

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is about to declare war on the west. Don’t worry they’re on our side and we got a preview of this upcoming MMO RTS hybrid before the battle begins. On 14 November Blueside will co...

rebel galaxy outlaw switch

Check Out Some Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Switch Gameplay

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the space-faring adventure game from Double Damage, just gave us all a preview of the game on Nintendo Switch. Over on the official Rebel Galaxy Outlaw page, Double Damage posted ...

guild wars 2 build templates

Guild Wars 2 Build Templates Hands On

Guild Wars 2 gets a major update today. Build Templates are finally coming to ArenaNet’s MMORPG and we have a look at how they will change the game. Construction Delays Build and Equipment Templates l...

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