Tencent reveals SYNCED: Off-Planet, a PvPvE experience

Tencent has unveiled its next major title currently in development by NExT Studios, part of the gaming conglomerate. Called SYNCED: Off-Planet, the game is considered a PvPvE experience that pits up t...

eve echoes mobile

EVE Echoes Enters Mobile Alpha This Month

Eve, one of the largest and longest-running MMORPGs is about to cast players out into a brand new universe of adventure as their brand new mobile title enters alpha testing this month across selected ...

orange cast

Orange Cast Ready For Action In New Trailer

Developer Team Rez LLC has just dropped a new trailer for the upcoming action RPG Orange Cast and you’d best pay attention before this upcoming title gets the jump on you. Orange Cast might not be a t...

Reborn Mark Of The Blood

Reborn Mark Of The Blood Revealed

Reborn Mark of the Blood is about to bring the end of the world. Italian developer Exodus Team has just dropped a trailer for this sci-fi JRPG and it looks awesome. Set in the near future, 2066 doesn’...

Best Steam Releases
Battle Worlds: Kronos

Battle Worlds: Kronos is Coming to Nintendo Switch on June 11th

THQ Nordic and King Art Games have announced that their turn-based strategy/sci-fi opera Battle Worlds: Kronos is coming to Nintendo Switch and will be available on June 11th, digitally and in retail ...

Evolution 2

Evolution 2 Launch brings Sci-Fi Adventure to Mobiles

While side-scrolling fantasy adventures are great mobile games, sometimes things just need a new dimension. Today, are about to get mobile gamers into the thick of the action with Evolution 2: ...

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