Tencent reveals SYNCED: Off-Planet, a PvPvE experience

Tencent has unveiled its next major title currently in development by NExT Studios, part of the gaming conglomerate. Called SYNCED: Off-Planet, the game is considered a PvPvE experience that pits up t...

Don't Even Think

Don’t Even Think about skipping this asymmetrical PvP survival game

Don’t Even Think is a PS4 asymmetrical PvP survival game from Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Studio. A new update has been deployed to the game that is completely based on player feedback. O...

They are Billions Xbox One Review

They are Billions Xbox One Review

They Are Billions is a dystopian, steampunk, real-time strategy game with one goal; survive the zombie onslaught bent on humanity’s destruction. With some great set pieces, unique development mechanic...

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Green Hell Will Be Leaving Steam Early Access on September 5

Green Hell Will Be Leaving Early Access on September 5

Creepy Jar has announced that their Survival game Green Hell will launch on September 5th, after spending a year in Early Access. The developers implemented a number of changes and fixes to coincide w...

Darkwood Nintendo Switch Review: It Sure is Dark

The woods are dangerous. Even at times, during the day, you may need to brandish a torch to light the way where the trees are most dense. Salvaging supplies never seems to be enough, and survival is n...

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Best Steam Releases
Golden Treasure The Great Green Release Date Announced

Golden Treasure: The Great Green Release Date Announced

Dreaming Door Studios has announced the release date for their dragon RPG Golden Treasure: The Great Green. The game is coming to Steam on June 17th. Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a hand-painted...

Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival Haunts Switch This June

From internet forums to your Nintendo Switch, Slender: The Arrival is set to bring the horror of the Slender Man over onto Nintendo’s mobile console on 20 June. Already available on Xbox One, Mac, PC,...


Minecraft Might be the Biggest-selling Video Game of All Time Now

Minecraft is among the leading video games worldwide. Microsoft bought it at $2.5 billion in 2014. However, Minecraft was first released in 2009. It involves printing money using block-building equipm...

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