Carved Traveler Phone Case Review

When it was time to purchase a new phone, I also had to pick up a new phone case. Like many people, I dug deep and went super bold on my choice; I got on Amazon and purchased the same case I had been ...

7 Good

Drop CSTM80 Custom Keyboard Review

For most users, choosing a keyboard is straightforward. You walk into BestBuy, slap your fingers down on the display models, and pick the one that feels the best without blowing your budget. In doing ...

Govee Glide Hexagon Light Panels Ultra Review

Govee introduced its first set of hexagon light panels back in 2021, followed by a 3D panel design in 2022. Never willing to settle, Govee is packing in more lights and upgraded 3D effects in their la...

Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2 Review

Govee recently updated their Envisual TV Backlight T2 kit, adding a third length option to its lineup that will fit up to 100” TVs. The dual-camera setup also received some software upgrades to make i...

9 Amazing
Ampligame A8

Ampligame A8 USB Microphone Review – Clear Audio At a Winning Price

The Ampligame A8 is an interesting entry in a market that’s seemingly overcrowded these days. Pre Zoom, desktop microphones were something of a niche. That’s far from the case now and in a saturated m...

7 Good
The Flexispot Ergonomic Pro Chair OC14 is a fine office chair.

Flexispot’s Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14) Review

Recently, we reviewed the Flexispot Comhar Pro Standing Desk. This week, we have a matching chair! While gaming chairs were all the rage this past decade, I have been looking into office chairs specif...

6 Fair

Just Fun Tech: Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and Dyad Pro Review

Welcome back to Just Fun Tech, our review column dedicated to exploring the wider world of technology. Whether it’s related to gaming or about improving your quality of life, this tech is just plain f...

9 Amazing
Flexispot Comhar Pro Standing Desk

Flexispot Comhar Pro Standing Desk Review

If you’ve been in the market for a standing desk, Flexispot has a huge lineup just waiting to be devoured. While they’re a bit on the pricier side, there are a lot of fantastic features . ...

9 Amazing
EasySMX ESM-9110 Wireless controller

EasySMX ESM-9110 Wireless Controller Review – Bargain Button Bashing

When it comes to gaming controllers, being the best in class just isn’t good enough if you’re left languishing without a way to play. Easy SMX look likely to have that worry covered with the ESM-9110,...

7 Good

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