We Tried On The HTC Vive Flow And Its Unlike Anything Else - angled shot of the vive flow glasses

We Tried On The HTC Vive Flow And Its Unlike Anything Else

HTC Has just officially announced its brand new portable Vive Flow immersive glasses and we’ve already had an opportunity to try on the HTC Vive Flow, with mixed results. HTC’s newest entry into the V...

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review - picture of keyboard

AOC GK500 Gaming Keyboard Review

Back in May 2021, AOC announced an intention to get into the PC peripheral market, launching a range of budget and high-end gaming peripherals to take on all comers. The GK500 is, like the GM500 we re...

9 Amazing
Philips TAGH401BL Gaming Headset Review - philips headset hanging on a tree

Philips TAGH401BL Gaming Headset Review

Back in August, Philips unveiled two new gaming headsets and while the Philips TAGH401BL doesn’t initially sound that impressive, we’re expecting far more than its name suggests. While Philips might n...

8 Great
flexispot bs9 review

Flexispot BS9 Chair Review

With many of us spending an unusually large percentage of our time tied to our desks these days, the limitations of inexpensive gaming chairs are becoming more obvious and if you’re looking to up your...

8 Great
AOC GM500 Review - picture of the GM500

AOC GM500 Gaming Mouse Review

With AOC’s recent move into the audio space, it’s no surprise that the monitor manufacturer is now making inroads onto the rest of your desktop. The AOC GM500 gaming mouse is the latest attempt to tak...

7.5 Good
lucidsound ls15x review

LucidSound LS15X Headset Review

While the availability of cutting edge consoles might leave something to be desired, even now, the LucidSound LS15X expands on the ever-increasing number of audio options for anybody looking for a new...

7.5 Good
The VZR Model One Headset Is Out Now

The VZR Model One Headset Is Out Now

The VZR Model One, the much-hyped audiophile gaming headset from the aptly named VZR, is out now in the United States If You’ve got $349 and are looking for a new audio experience then the VZR Model O...

These Astro Gaming Timbuk2 Bags Are Not Your Average Inventory

Astro Gaming and Timbuk2 have unveiled some gaming accessories that will help you take your mobile gaming to a new place, with a set of stylish new bags. Sometimes video games aren’t all about getting...

Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review

Flexispot Ergonomic Gaming Desk With Mouse Pad Review

Whether it’s working from home long term or making space for a brand new build, gamers are looking for more than compact frames and flimsy plywood desktops. Now, Flexispot is aiming to upgrade o...

8 Great

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