Hero Hunters May Just Be the Android Shooter You’re Looking For

The year 2018 is handing us technology curveballs so fast we can barely dodge them. That means it’s time to sift through the influx of information to find those little nuggets of golden information that we can use to (hopefully) make the right game purchases. With the gaming world going ultra-mobile, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing games to play on your phone. Here are all the ...[Read More]

Metal Gear Survive Review in Progress

Metal Gear Survive is not a BAD game. But it didn’t need the Metal Gear name, and it certainly should have avoided common “survive” tropes like eating and drinking. But, if you take away the Metal Gear Solid V story tie-in, what you’re left with is a mediocre zombie game with base building, crafting, and meh combat. So they’re totally banking on the MGS IP, which is a...[Read More]

Yakuza 6 Might Be Too Awesome

I feel like the Yakuza games have often lingered on the periphery of gaming popularity on the West. They have an adoring fanbase here, but the titles have never quite reached the upper echelons of stardom – until Yakuza 0 and Kiwami came out last year on PS4 and surprised everyone with its breadth of scope and sincerely absurd comic nature. Suddenly, the world was clamoring for the next big ...[Read More]

Secret of Mana’s Faithful Return

In case you have been holed up in a biodome with your Y2K survival kit, Square-Enix, beloved bestower of classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series, announced back in August that it would be remaking one of its mid-90s smash hits, Secret of Mana. We have clamored and we have waited and we have bitterly fought each other over this game these long six months. Now, the advent of Se...[Read More]

Why I Love Single Player Games

I’ve been playing a ton of Kingdom Come: Deliverance this week. (Full disclosure: I Kickstarted this game.) That game has taken residence in my mind and, fortunately, has no intention of leaving any time soon. But I’m not here to talk about Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Rather, I want to talk about what this game inspired me to write. This spectacular game just further cements my love of single playe...[Read More]

Get in the Mood – 5 Games for Valentines Day

“I don’t love you!”  Are you tired of hearing that? I sure am! Actually, you probably have never heard that, and my self-deprecation aside if you are in any way like me, you have probably had a few unfortunate Valentines Days in your time. Don’t let the V-Day blues get you down. We have the perfect list of games to raise your spirits whether you are single this year, or whether you want to cuddle ...[Read More]

The “AAA” Industry’s Unending Unchecked Greed

The so-called “AAA” industry is a culture fueled by unending and unchecked greed. I’ve been playing video games almost my entire life and never before can I recall a time when consumers were taken advantage of, exploited, cast aside, and blatantly lied to so overtly like these last few years. Frankly, it’s disgusting. Yes, consumer incompetence is partially to blame, but to claim that the so-calle...[Read More]

Talking Points: Will You Care if Microsoft Buys EA?

Earlier this week, our own Poorna Shankar penned a nice little rant about the rumor EA may soon be bought up by Microsoft in a bid to strengthen the XBOX library of exclusives.  In this week’s Talking Points column, we GameSpace writers are taking it upon ourselves to dive even further into the topic and offer our own consumer-focused and industry pundit points of view. Buckle up. Bill’...[Read More]

Slay the Spire Tips – How to Survive the Brutal Bastard of a Game

Last week, I wrote about my recent obsession with Slay the Spire, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been able to beat the final boss.  As a seasoned veteran of this brutal bastard of a game, I thought I’d take some time this week to pay it forward and offer up some handy tips for survival. Slay the Spire tips Deck Size Matters Any card game aficionado worth his salt would know that even when ...[Read More]

Laying the Smackdown in WWE 2K18

Every year I ghost the latest WWE game’s development asking myself three questions along the way; will AI improve? Will Gameplay improve? Will load times improve? Read on to see if WWE2k18 won that triple threat or if it jobbed to its predecessors! In a world where companies live and die by the clicks they get and reputations hinge upon the words of the unwashed masses (like game writers), it̵...[Read More]

Microsoft Buying Publishers Is Bad For Consumers

There was a recent report from Polygon discussing the imminent potential for Microsoft purchasing a major publisher. The article essentially states that, when compared to competitor Sony, Microsoft has an exclusive games problem. In a bid to solve this problem, and after speaking with four analysts, the conclusion drawn is that Microsoft is reportedly considering purchasing some pretty major publi...[Read More]

Steam Weekly High Five: Revere, rev or revolt, the choice is yours!

Each week we are panning for gold bringing you games that launch on Steam in that time frame that catch our eye, let us know what catches yours and enjoy your gaming week! Take a look at five games worth a look on Steam this week. The first one may be obvious… but come on! It’s a great one! Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age FFXII-The Zodiac Age is a  revered classic returns, now fully r...[Read More]

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