God Eater 3

Gamescom Jump Force Developer Interview

Back in July 2018 we were extremely lucky to get hands-on with Bandai Namco’s Jump Force. Thankfully, this early iteration of the anime fighter was everything I’d hoped it could be. With barely even a...

Castlevania Season 2 Official Trailer

Castlevania Season 2 Official Trailer Is Here!

Netflix has shared the Castlevania Season 2 Official Trailer to hype up the sequel to the popular (if short) series released in 2017. The video reveals glimpses of epic battles between human mage Syph...

New Jump Force Trailer

New Jump Force Trailer Features Ichigo, Rukia & Aizen From Bleach

Earlier this summer Bandai Namco Entertainment announced Jump Force, an ambitious fighting project featuring characters from different anime and manga universes, including Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ba...

Touhou Scarlet Curiosity Review

Touhou Scarlet Curiosity Review

If you are an anime fan, somewhere during your search through sites that deal in art, anime news and such you would have come across the Touhou series. I have but never knew exactly where Touhou came ...

9 Amazing

Cut down your opponents in the Naruto to Boruto Open Beta

I’m still reeling from our hands-on preview of Bandai Namco’s Jump Force but the purveyor of everything Shonen seems to have even more anime action ready to go. Those of you that weren’t able to join ...

Bleach is Joining Jump Force

If any game managed to cause as much commotion as Cyberpunk 2077 during E3 then it had to Bandai Namco’s Jump Force. The open world brawler caused quite the stir when the first trailer dropped during ...

Jump Force

Jump Force Announced by Bandai Namco for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam

June 10, 2018, During the Microsoft Conference at E3 Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. rocked the stadium with the announcement of the night, Jump Force will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation...

Metal Max Xeno

Metal Max Xeno headed West this year to PS4!

NIS America announced Metal Max Xeno arriving on the PS4 this fall! “We’re excited to announce that METAL MAX Xeno, the latest instalment in the Metal Max franchise, is headed West this ye...

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