Steam Weekly High Five: Flame Throwing Dinosaur or Gatling Gun Rhino?

This week we’re travelling to exotic places, taking care of all the animals or battling them in weird and wonderful ways while trying not to jump over board. While over VR it’s zombie mode on mars as Assassin’s Creed Origins welcomes Discovery Tour mode and Metal Gear releases their survival mode. Beast Battle Simulator A physics based battle-simulation sandbox game featuring din...[Read More]

Yakuza 6 Might Be Too Awesome

I feel like the Yakuza games have often lingered on the periphery of gaming popularity on the West. They have an adoring fanbase here, but the titles have never quite reached the upper echelons of stardom – until Yakuza 0 and Kiwami came out last year on PS4 and surprised everyone with its breadth of scope and sincerely absurd comic nature. Suddenly, the world was clamoring for the next big ...[Read More]

Descenders First Impressions – Feel The Adrenaline

Developer RageSquid recently launched Descenders, a freestyle downhill racer, into Steam Early Access. I grew up during the BMX craze of the 70s, where every kid in the neighborhood had a bike, and we spent many a summer jumping off ramps, the bigger the better, for the thrill of big air. That was a long time ago, and somewhere along the way, the belief I was indestructible got replaced with a sen...[Read More]

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Hands On Preview

The first game in Pillars of Eternity series by Obsidian was released in March 2015 and immediately won over many gamers’ hearts by holding to the traditions of the “old school” while simultaneously taking the best from the more modern CRPGs. We had the chance to try out the long-awaited sequel to the game and see if it has the potential to live up to the prestige of its predecessor. Pillars of Et...[Read More]

Battlecursed Early Access Preview

Let’s face it, for big developers, Early Access exists for one reason and one reason only – to make money on an unfinished product. For indie developers, EA can have a myriad of purposes. It can be a title near release that just needs a bit of hype, or possibly budget constraints require an early alpha release to allow eager players to help fund development while giving them a voice in the develop...[Read More]

SOS: Early Access Preview – A bold new take on battle royale

It’s time friends to get dropped off on an island with a bunch of strangers and survive to the bitter end. I can hear your groans now. Another Battle Royale game? Fear not readers, because SOS has something the others don’t. Papayas. In all seriousness though, there are several things that separate SOS from other games in this survival/battle royale/action genre currently out there. Th...[Read More]

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia – Launching April 19th, and we’ve played it.

The year is 878 AD and an uneasy peace has settled across the British Isles thanks to Alfred the Great’s defeat of the Vikings. Thrones of Britannia sets you in that tumultuous time period, taking control of one of the great Kingdoms of the Isles. But how does it fit into the overall Total War series? My units stared down their enemy from across the grassy battlefield. We weren’t much, but we were...[Read More]

Shoppe Keep 2 Early Access Date Announced for PC, Mac and Linux!

This month Excalibur Publishing announced Shoppe Keep 2 is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux on April 26th, 2018! For fans of Shoppe Keep this is exciting news but if you’ve never heard of it you will want to if you enjoy economic dominance in MMO’s as explained on Steam: Shoppe Keep returns bigger and better than ever! Build a business empire, battle mobs and monsters. It’s merchandising m...[Read More]

Staxel Early Access Preview – Down on the Blocky Farm

Although the recent launch of Stardew Valley for the Switch may be the current focus of the headlines for the farming simulator genre, it isn’t the only game aspiring farmers should be looking at. Indie developer Plukit is offering up their own take on the farm sim this week with the launch of Staxel into Early Access on Steam and Humble Bundle. A lot of times an indie developer will stick to a tr...[Read More]

Driftland: The Magic Revival Aims to Revive the Fantasy Strategy Game Genre

Imagine playing Age of Empires, Majesty, and Skies of Arcadia simultaneously. That’s Driftland: The Magic Revival, a strategy game that hit Steam Early Access in November 2017. Already the game’s developer, Polish studio Star Drifters, has already put together a unique spin on a classic PC gaming genre. In Driftland, you pick a race (only two are currently available: Humans and Dark Elves) and pla...[Read More]

PAX South Preview – Omensight

Spearhead Games is a growing RPG studio which has released several titles. We first met them when covering Stories: The Path of Destinies. This year at PAX South they were on hand again showing off their newest title Omensight. The game is an in depth RPG with heavy puzzle elements. It looks absolutely beautiful and the mechanics are fun to play. Another gem is coming from Spearhead so we wanted t...[Read More]

Next Up Hero – Live, Die, Repeat!

Are you a Hero?  Do you have the resolve to become one? In Next Up Hero, you’ll need it.  If you’re the kind of gamer that never shies away from a challenge, Next Up Hero (NUH) might be your next binge-worthy game.  NUH is a 2D “dual stick” action game developed by Digital Continue and published by Aspyr that has recently released in Early Access on Steam but is slated to release on all major cons...[Read More]

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