New World Closed Beta

Gathering Our Thought On The New World Closed Beta

Gathering, it’s one of the simplest, most player driven, and seemingly least epic things in any MMORPG. Open to almost any level and gated by nought more than a single button press, this task is my ab...


Most Anticipated MMORPGs Still Coming In 2021

MMORPGs are dead! Long live MMORPGs! We’ll probably never see an MMORPG reach the popularity World of Warcraft garnered in the mid-2000s, but the genre is far from dead. Even before flocked to M...

Xbox Games July 19-23 2021
The Lazarus Instrumentality

Join Us In The Lazarus Instrumentality – New World Hands On

For players eager to ready up and get ahead in Amazon’s New World, the prospect of entering tomorrow’s Closed Beta is a chance to get a first look at everything Aeternum has to offer. From the cliffs ...

Military Shooters

5 Best Military Shooters To Play In 2021

Last week we checked out some of the best military strategy games to put your tactical skills to the test. If you like your games to have a little more action than those real-time and turn-based games...

Ashes Of Creation - Alpha Impressions

A Weekend With Ashes Of Creation – Alpha Impressions

Two years after we first let loose in Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, Intrepid Studios finally gave us access to Verra this weekend, and we survived Ashes Of Creation’s first Alpha Preview Weekend with...

King’s Bounty II First Impressions

King’s Bounty II First Impressions

King’s Bounty II is an upcoming turn-based strategy and the latest installment to the wildly popular franchise developed by 1C Entertainment. The game will be arriving in all its glory on August 24, 2...

Xbox Games July 12th to July 16th

Lots of Retro Goodies Shine in This Week’s Xbox Games

If you’re a fan of retro-themed games, this week is a boon for you thanks to Microsoft. The crop of Xbox games over the course of the coming days features a number of preciously pixelated advent...

What We Know About Space Punks

Everything We know About Space Punks

Flying Wild Hog, just unveiled Space Punks, and we got a closer look at this upcoming adventure. We braved the wild frontier grilling devs and scouring the internet for the low down on this upcoming o...

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