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The Maestros Review

The Maestros Review – Steam Early Access

What do you get when you cross Pikmin, League of Legends, and Starcraft? I don’t know and after playing The Maestros I’m not sure Systence Games does either. Here’s our review of The Maestros: The dev...

5.5 Average

Green Hell Roadmap Release Includes Communities Most Wanted Feature!

If you haven’t heard of this open-world survival game set in the Amazonian rain forest then you’re in for an extra exciting treat as the developers over at Creepy Jar unleashed a ton of pi...


HellSign Enters Early Access November 7

Monster fans take note, developer Ballistic Interactive has announced that their new title, HellSign, will launch in early access on PC November 7, 2018. HellSign takes players on a hardcore ride of h...

Perilous Bounty

The Perilous Bounty Update Comes to Abandon Ship!

The Abandon Ship team made a new blog post on the game’s Steam page to let all of ye brave captains know that The Perilous Bounty update has been added to the game! Here are some of the major fe...

Switchblade Launches into Early Access

Capture points, enemy creeps, and intense combat are all staples of the MOBA genre. It’s something we’ve all become pretty accustomed to, however, the online battle arena is about to take on a new twi...

Dying Light: Bad Blood Mixes PvP and PvE For a Bloody Good Time

Techland announced that the Dying Light series will get a fast-paced, zombie-filled survival entry into the series called Dying Light: Bad Blood. New content will pit twelve players against each other...

Fear the Wolves Early Access

Battle Royale Madness! Fear the Wolves Early Access Starts August 28th!

Fear the Wolves Early Access starts August 28th on Steam – check out Vostok Games’ Battle Royale Chernobyl madness! Let’s face it – battle royale games are a dime a dozen these...


Switchblade Races into Early Access This August

While Fortnite has been busily building an enormous fanbase and PubG just passed a cool million downloads, not everyone has given up on the MOBA quite yet. On 28 August, Lucid Games is planning to bri...

rune odin

Rune – Open World Viking RPG Hits Steam EA September [Press Release]

Press Release: Human Head Studios and ESDF have announced with a new teaser trailer that Rune, the open-world Viking RPG, will arrive on Steam Early Access this September. Players can get a taste of R...

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