Romancing SaGa Re; univerSe Interview

We Talk Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe With Masanori Ichikawa

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is finally here and as fans of the Saga series grab their mobiles, we took some time to talk to SaGa Series Producer Masanori Ichikawa about Romancing Saga and the new mobil...

King Of Fighters AllStar Interview: Putting WWE In The Ring

For many wrestling fans, the last week has been pretty monumental. The Undertaker has finally retired, taking one of wrestling’s larger than life stars out of the sport. It seems fitting, theref...

Haxity hands on

We Battle Cyborgs In A Haxity hands On

Locked, loaded, and compiling now, Haxity is a far-future card fighter from indie DeveloperMegapop Games. With its Early Access reveal on Steam, we took a walk on the bad side of the cyber street with...

The Complete Art Of Guild Wars – Building A Picture Of Tyria with Indigo Boock

The Complete Art Of Guild Wars – Building A Picture Of Tyria with Indigo Boock

Recently, we took a look through the pages of Tyria’s past when Dark Horse published The Complete Art of Guild Wars. The title, which celebrates 15 years of Tyria and coincides with the 20th birthday ...

rising star 2 stage

Rising Star 2 Gets Set To Raise The Roof With Our Backstage Interview

Rising Star 2 is set to hit PCs in August 2020, bringing us a brand new type of Guitar Hero for music fans. Before we tune-up for the headline act, we caught some time with Todd Gillissie, founder of ...

the complete art of guild wars 2

Talking Tyria With ArenaNet & The Complete Art Of Guild Wars

2020 has proved to be a momentous year for ArenaNet and Guild Wars. The seminal RPG would eventually cement the Seattle Studio as a major player in the gaming industry turned 15 years old and ArenaNet...

Last oasis developer interview

Last Oasis Developer Interview Talks Worms, Survival, & Woopunk Warfare

Last Oasis burst onto the gaming scene during March, taking the idea of a sandbox survival quite literally, developers Donkey Crew unleashed a dystopian world where the last remnants of humanity raced...

get packed interview header

Get Packed Developer Interview Talks Cats, Cardboard boxes, and Packing Chaos

Get ready citizens of Ditchlington, it’s time to relocate and we got a chance to talk to the team behind co-op title Get Packed as the delivery van arrives later this year.on Stadia today. Getting pac...

Guild Wars 15th Anniversary Developer Interview

Stare Into The Scrying Pool – A Guild Wars 15th Anniversary Developer Interview

Happy Birthday, Tyrians! Guild Wars, the progenitor of our attack on the Elder Dragons, is 15 today. The old school adventure has taken legions of us on epic adventures across the Tyrian landscape, wa...

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