Suda51, Videogame Auteur, On What Excites Him in Gaming Today

Goichi Suda, the man known as Suda51, has made a lot of iconic games in his time in this crazy industry. His studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, is responsible for cult classics like The Silver Case, No More Heroes, Let It Die, and Killer7. He’s an auteur of videogames, and just recently it was announced that Grasshopper Manufacture will be making the Switch exclusive Travis Strikes Again: No More He...[Read More]

ECHO Wants to Change the Way We Think About Ourselves

ECHO is a forthcoming action game set in a futuristic reality where the main character, En, is being hunted by different sentient versions of herself. We caught up with developer Ultra Ultra’s Martin Emborg (CEO and Lead Designer) to talk about the game’s unique approach to action and enemy AI. Read on to find out what makes ECHO worth watching. GS: What or who is the inspiration behind En and doe...[Read More]

Children of Zodiarcs – How a Small Team Made a Tactical RPG Revival

Children of Zodiarcs is the new tactical turn-based RPG from Square Enix and indie studio Cardboard Utopia. A sublime mix of storytelling and table top RPGs, Children of Zodiarcs has quickly found a home in the hearts of many RPG fans. We met up with Jason Kim, the Creative Director at Cardboard Utopia, to talk about the game. Read on for insight on how this indie studio is one of the leading reas...[Read More]

From Words with Friends to Lucky’s Tale to Creativerse – An Interview with Playful Corp.

You may not be familiar with Playful Corp., but you’ll be familiar with their games. Many of their staff helped make Words with Friends the worldwide sensation it became. But when the team left to form Playful Corp., David Calkins (Chief Communications Officer) and the devs decided to take things in a different direction. First, there was the Rift launch title, Lucky’s Tale, and then t...[Read More]

Exclusive Interview – Red Hook & Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court

We got the chance for an exclusive interview with Tyler Sigman and Chris Bourassa over at Red Hook Games this week about their latest DLC, The Crimson Court for the hit Steam game Darkest Dungeon. This DLC introduces some new elements to the game with a new area dungeon, character class, and bosses. Taking a turn into the vampiric, the guys explained their motivations and philosophy behind the upd...[Read More]

Dead By Daylight – Console Launch Interview with Lead Designer Mathieu Cote

Dead By Daylight has been a powerhouse on Steam for over a year now, and just yesterday it launched officially on the XBOX One and PS4 in North America (EU is later this week). We sent over some questions to Behaviour Interactive’s own Mathieu Cote, Lead Designer on Dead By Daylight, to discuss the game’s past, present, and future… including info on a possible Switch version down...[Read More]

Talking Micro Machines World Series with Codemasters’ Matthew Becket

Micro Machines: World Series is set to launch in just a few short weeks on the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. It’s bringing a revival to the classic top-down racer that made fans worldwide on the SNES and Megadrive. We caught up with Codemasters’ Matthew Becket, Product Manager, to chat about the game, its many gameplay options, esports possibilities, and even a chance for a Switch version....[Read More]

Talking Fighting Fantasy Legends with Ian Livingston and Nomad Games

Fighting Fantasy, a truly revolutionary series of adventure novels, is 35 years old this year. Beginning on Firetop Mountain, the brainchild of Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson crashed through the Citadel of Chaos and then continued to rack up a staggering volume of sales across the 1980’s. Now, Nomad games are bring these iconic adventures to PC and mobile gamers with a new interactive RPG experi...[Read More]

EXCLUSIVE: Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Improves the Entire Game – Interview with Kent-Erik Hagman

There are big things coming to Heroes of the Storm in the very near future. At this year’s Heroes of the Storm Spring Summit, I was lucky enough to have some time to sit down with Lead Hero Designer Kent-Erik Hagman to talk about all the exciting new things making their way to the Nexus in the megapatch Blizzard is calling Heroes 2.0. One of the big goals with Heroes 2.0 is that there’s going to b...[Read More]

Has Been Heroes – An Interview with Frozenbyte

Has Been Heroes launches today on PC, PS4, XB1, and Nintendo Switch. We reviewed the game last week, and found it to be easily one of the more enjoyable new releases on Nintendo’s console. It’s a difficult but addictive roguelike with charming visuals and intense battles. We caught up with developer Frozenbyte to chat about Has Been Heroes, its design, future, and more. Note: A Day One...[Read More]

Going Eye of the Tiger with FFXV’s Gladio at PAX East 2017

At PAX East we got the chance to sit down with Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XV team. Square has been doing a fantastic job working with fans and furthering out the franchise and their DLC schedule is very aggressive. The first offering centers around Gladiolus and his trials. As each side character goes off-screen for a bit during the main game. The developers now have a chance to fill in the...[Read More]

A Tyranny Postmortem Interview with Obsidian’s Matt MacLean

When Tyranny launched, no one could have expected its story to be so dark, malicious, yet oddly humble and introspecting. The RPG from Obsidian, makers of Pillars of Eternity and the forthcoming Pillars of Eternity 2, represented a departure from the norm for the game maker. Tyranny is a game where the player is evil, no bones about it. How evil, and how malicious, are up to you, but you’re ...[Read More]

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