Enlightenment Review

Most scenarios of a giant asteroid hitting the Earth end with the extinction of the human race. In Enlightenment, the isometric action shooter from freshman developer Lizard King, the asteroid doesn&#...

8 Great
State of Mind review

State of Mind Review

In the not too distant future, two very different men from two very different places find a reason to believe there is a link between them, a link that when fully explored may change their lives forev...

6 Fair

Tiny Hands Adventure Review – Small Hands, Big Adventure

Let’s pretend that we’re all T-Rexes. Immediately the first thing that comes to mind as one of your biggest challenges would be your inability to do normal everyday things with your stubby little hand...

5.8 Average

Turn Your World Upside-Down in Youropa

I have a very romantic notion of what the city of Paris is like. It is one of those cities that is on a long list of locations that my wife and I would love to visit someday – if we ever discove...

9 Amazing

The Banner Saga 3: A Fitting Viking End

You wake up on the battlefield and once again you have survived something dreadful, Ragnarok as you know it is coming to the world and you are struggling to survive in the only way you know how. Your ...

8.5 Great

This Is The Police 2 Review

Warning! This game is compulsive and certainly not for children. The layers of gameplay and the story combined will grip you and you may find it hard to stop. Even as I write this all I can think abou...

9.5 Amazing
we happy few review

We Happy Few Review – PC

We Happy Few has led a long and storied development since its original massively successful Kickstarter back in 2015. One of the crowdfunding platform’s first big successes, the Montreal-made ga...

6.5 Fair

City of the Shroud Review

City of the Shroud comes to us from Abyssal Arts as their first full-fledged game in the indie game market. It claims to be a story driven game that uses a strategic combo-based battle system whos sto...

7 Good
Anamorphine review

Anamorphine Review

Anamorphine is an interesting and touching story of what it’s like to be close to someone dealing with depression and having some real problems in life but being completely unable to help them. It’s a...

7 Good

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