EverQuest II - Visions of Vetrovia Review

EverQuest II – Visions of Vetrovia PC Review

EverQuest II is an older MMORPG, yet every year it comes out with a new expansion, more content and still seems to have a regular and consistent fan following. This year they released Visions of Vetro...

6 Fair
Scarf PC Review

Scarf PC Review

Scarf is the latest game from the Spanish indie developer behind Gris and RiME, and what the two games have in common is their unique art style with otherworldly storytelling that puts you in your min...

8 Great
Sam & Max Beyond Time And Space Remastered Review – Well Aged & Wacky

Sam & Max Beyond Time And Space Remastered Review – Well Aged & Wacky

Sam & Max are back, again. After the remaster of Sam & Max Save The World, these crime-fighting gumshoes are back on the case in another utterly bamboozling adventure. If you managed to get to...

9 Amazing
Greak Review

Greak: Memories of Azur PC Review

In Greak, you have to take on the role of not one, not two, but three characters at once. You will have to coordinate your actions on your own, without cooperation with live players. This is our revie...

7.8 Good
Terminator Resistance Annihilation Line

Terminator Resistance Annihilation Line PC Review

I think there is no need to particularly explain how we all relate (more precisely, are accustomed to treating) to games based on films and TV series. The universe of “Terminator” in this ...

6.5 Fair
Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite PC Review

On March 25, 2020, a Chinese enthusiast released the first half-hour demo of Bright Memory, which made a shooter using assets from Unreal Engine 4. The protagonist of the game was equally good at shoo...

7 Good

Unpacking PC Review

The idea of the puzzle, based on moving to a new house and unpacking the boxes, over and over again, is very interesting and aroused a lot of my great interest. The whole game is the process of findin...

5.5 Average

Battlefield 2042 PC Review – A Lot of Potential, But Not There Yet

It’s hard to know where to start with Battlefield 2042, so I’ll just begin with my first solid, initial thought when I started reflecting on the game in its current state: it’s generic and consistentl...

4 Poor
WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship PC Review

At the beginning of 2000-2005, almost every home PC had a game from this series, or from the Colin Mcrae Rally series. These racing games were not demanding on the computer, and it was also possible t...

7.3 Good

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