STONE – A Mature Adventure Not Worth Taking?

You wake up in your flat, and your mate is missing. Suddenly there is a phone call, and you have no idea who it could be. The voice on the other end of the line says you won’t see your mate ever again...

4.2 Poor
Star Control Origins

Star Control: Origins Review

Star Control is back with a new addition to the series, Star Control: Origins. In SC:O  you are the Captian of Earths only interstellar ship. Primarily tasked with finding out about the Lexites until ...

9 Amazing
The Dark Room

The Dark Room Review… God Help Us

The Dark Room is a game based on the humor and show of international comedian John Robertson. Some readers might be familiar with his stand-up but he hasn’t quite made it to the United States ye...

7 Good
Valeguard Review

Valeguard Review

Something dark stirs in the wilderness… ValeGuard is an independent game developed by Lost Tower Games where the player alternates between turn-based building management and real-time tactical combat ...

7 Good

NASCAR Heat 3 Review – Rubbing Is Racing

It has been a long time since I played a NASCAR game. I don’t have an aversion to turning left or anything, I just tend to spend my racing time in F1 or Forza. But growing up in the Midwest mean...

7.2 Good

Immortal: Unchained – Not Just a Walk in the Park

You run down a dark corridor and come to a corner. As you round the turn you are met by a huge enemy and he stabs at you with a giant spear and pierces your chest. Your body falls to the ground, and t...

7.5 Good

Destiny 2 – Forsaken Review

Full disclosure; I’m a huge fan of Bungie’s older games. Halo CE specifically is to date one of the best titles they ever made (I will fight you!). So when Destiny was released back in 2014 I was quit...

9 Amazing

Frozen Synapse 2 Review – Five Seconds To Defeat

Have you ever watched a movie where a SWAT team or military squad makes an assault, clearing out a complex room by room? If you thought to yourself, “I could do it better” then developer M...

8.3 Great

Old School Musical Review

Rhythm games have always been a particular weakness of mine. Whether it’s shredding the controller in Guitar Hero, Dancing all Night win Persona 4, crawling through Crypts of the Necrodancer, or...

6.5 Fair

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