The Medium

The Medium Review

The Medium launches today, marking the latest instalment in Bloober Team ’s own house of horrors, yet after taking a visit to the Hotel Niwa, I think I might be in need of some more R&R. Since 201...

9 Amazing

Unspottable Quick Hit Review

Get your glasses on and call the family down to the front room as we jump into Unspottable, a new deception led party game on Nintendo Switch. With the roaring success of whodunnit space massive Among...

7 Good

When The Past Was Around PC Review

When The Past Was Around is an enjoyable point-and-click puzzle game with beautifully hand-drawn graphics and a deep story that hits seemingly close to home considering the past year. Developed by the...

9 Amazing

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Review

First-person shooters are a dime a dozen lately but there is one series that I always have fun playing. With great story campaigns, mostly good multiplayer, and awesome zombies maps. That’s right I am...

8.5 Great
Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror PC Review

Twin Mirror is the latest from Dontnod Studios, best known for the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange series. Instead of dealing with angsty teenagers this time, the mood here is definitely more adu...

5 Average

Airborne Kingdom Review

City builders are good for when you want to relax and play a game that is going to have some staying power. Most that I have played have had some kind of combat or other mechanics to make the game mor...

7.5 Good
neoverse review

Neoverse Review

Get Decked Strategy, action, and a gorgeous 3D backdrop all promised plenty of entertainment as we cracked open the cards to try out Neoverse over the holiday season. A brand new deck building adventu...

7 Good

SimCasino PC Review

SimCasino is a new take on the genre of tried-and-true. This game is helping through some lockdown blues. The gameplay of SimCasino is filled with rich animation, 3D graphics, and an impressive soundt...

El Hijo Key Art

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale PC Review

“El Hijo” in Spanish means “the son” in English. The typical stealth games most of us have grown-up with typically don’t have a 6-year old boy as the player’s main ...

8.5 Great

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