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Teaser Trailer Arrives for Animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Over the weekend Marvel Entertainment released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Sony Pictur...[Read More]

Jessica Jones Season 2 Start Date Announced by Marvel reported this weekend that Jessica Jones is “getting back to unfinished business...[Read More]

Our Dreadnought Review for the PS4

This week, Dreadnought left dry dock and warped onto Playstation 4. This is where̵...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World Beta Impressions

This past weekend the Monster Hunter World beta went live.  Although the game plays more in line wit...[Read More]

Top Five Twitch Streamers You Need to Watch

If you want to take a break from playing your favourite games, watching top players share their gami...[Read More]

Gardening & Outfit Crafting for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

If your poor characters are suffering from tattered clothing, worry not! A new update coming to Anim...[Read More]

Demo Arrives for The Evil Within 2 – Can You Take It?

The Evil Within 2 is an intense horror survival game from Bethesda. For fans of that sort, it’...[Read More]

Boss Key Co-Founder Flies the Coop & Returns to Epic

Arjan Brussee, co-founder of Boss Key Studios along with Cliff Bleszinski, has left the company and ...[Read More]

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Overkill’s The Walking Dead Trailer Introduces Aiden

There seems to be no end to Walking Dead tie in televisions series and games. Overkill’s The Walking Dead is the latest coming down the pike and...

SoulCalibur 6 Gameplay – Feast Your Hungry Eyes on 10-Minutes’ Worth

If you’ve been dying to lay eyes on Soulcalibur 6, you’re in luck thanks to this weekend’s PlayStation Experience. During the event,...

In Flipping Death, the Grim Reaper Goes on Vacation

Flipping Death is a new game from Zoink Games and is considered the “spiritual successor” to Stick It to the Man. In this new indie puzzle...

Donut County Puts You In the Ground….Literally

OK this has to be one of the most unusual game settings we’ve ever seen. During this weekend’s PlayStation Experience, players learned abo...

Jupiter & Mars is a Game with A Conscience from Tigertron

Jupiter & Mars is a new game coming from Tigertron for PlayStation 4 & PSVR. Unlike many others, it’s both fun and a game with a conscie...

Our This is the Police Review for Nintendo Switch

Weappy is a small independent game development studio located in Minsk, Belarus and along with publisher THQ Nordic comes a strategy/adventure/managem...

Lords Mobile Gives Players a Chance to “Catch ‘Em All”

No, it’s not that game, but Lords Mobile is one where you can catch new pets, form a pact with them and make them yours. No balls required…...

Netflix Witcher Series is Packing Big Name Firepower

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it would be bringing a live action series based on The Witcher to small screens. We haven’t heard much...

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