Author: Suzie Ford

Suzie is an avid gamer and has been since 1995. She lives in the desert with her own personal minion while dreaming of pixel worlds beyond Earth.

Gas Station Simulator DLC

Gas Station Simulator ‘Can Touch This’ DLC Coming May 18th

Movie Games and DRAGO Entertainment have announced that Gas Station Simulator will be receiving the “Can Touch This” DLC on Wednesday, May 18th. The new content will be released for the PC...

Killer in the Cabin EA release

Killer in the Cabin Stalks Its Way to Release

Games People Play has announced that Killer in the Cabin has officially reached the end of its successful early access period of development and is now in full retail release for PC via Steam.  Player...

Stellaris Overlord release

Stellaris Overlord Expansion Launches for PC

Paradox Interactive has announced that the Overlord expansion for Stellaris has officially launched for PC, Mac, and Linux. The new content is available on both Steam and The console version ...

Path of Exile Sentinel

Path of Exile Sentinel Expansion Launches for PC/Mac

One thing can be said about Grinding Gear Games: The Path of Exile development team doesn’t waste time between announcing an expansion and releasing it. The Sentinel expansion to the popular ARP...

Star Citizen

Play Star Citizen for Free From May 20-31st During Invictus Launch Week

The Star Citizen site has been updated with the news that the forthcoming sci-fi MMORPG will be free to play from Friday, May 20th to Tuesday, May 31st. During the event, players can try out over a hu...

Fallout 76 The Pitt Update

Fallout 76 Players Invited to the PTS to Take a Look at “The Pitt”

Bethesda is inviting Fallout 76 players to head on over to the Public Test Server (PTS) that has been updated with the next major content patch for the game. The Pitt will be deployed after testing an...

GTA Online May 13 2022

Freemode Challenges Offering a Whopping 4X Rewards in GTA Online

Rockstar is offering GTA Online players some serious rewards for taking part in Freemode Challenges throughout the coming week. This is on top of tons of other ways players can earn GTA$ and RP as wel...

Deathloop & Ghostwire Tokyo Will be Timed PlayStation Exclusives

Deathloop Update Adds Accessibility Features and Photomode

Arkan Lyon and Bethesda have announced that a large new update has been deployed for its award-winning title Deathloop. The patch brings a number of accessibility features to players as well as the mu...

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